Rishi Sunak heads to Belfast to sell Northern Ireland trade deal

UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has arrived in Belfast for a meeting with business leaders to sell Northern Ireland’s post-Brexit trade deal after a cautious reaction from the region’s leading trade union party. .

Snacks are so-called Windsor Framework He met European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen on Monday and hailed it as a “new chapter” after years of strained relations with the EU.

The Democratic Unionist Party, the largest pro-British faction in the region, welcomed the fact that the EU had gone beyond what it initially said was possible.

of DUPs Since last May, it has boycotted Stormont’s power-sharing parliament and officials to demand sweeping changes to the deal formerly known as the Northern Ireland Protocol.

It was not immediately clear whether the party would support the new agreement and restore the political system.Several DUP officials said the Sunak deal was not going far enough.

Sunak argued that the deal would cut trade bureaucracy and reduce the role of EU law and the European Court of Justice in Northern Ireland, as well as give the regional parliament in Stormont a say in new EU rules. there is

The Brexit treaty has been revised to include a new ’emergency brake’ and the UK, at the request of 30 members from at least two parties in the Northern Ireland parliament, opposes the new EU goods law update in exceptional circumstances. can.

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