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Rising on Range Avenue, new Denham Springs Elementary taking shape | Livingston/Tangipahoa – New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans, Louisiana 2021-01-12 20:00:00 –

Over 45 feet of red iron beams rise above the air, surrounding the main building of the new two-story Denham Springs Elementary School on Centerville Street and Range Avenue.

The site has 200-foot iron beams extending north and east, laying out major corridors and grade-level classroom areas. Construction workers have recently begun adding metal decks and standing seam metal roofs to cover an 80,000-square-foot complex.

Jim Ziler, owner and president of Lafayette’s Ziler Architects, said: “This is a unique building that the community can be proud of. It has the latest equipment and features to make the building more efficient and safe. Also, in honor of this community, nearby It complements the historic center and captures the elements of the past school that once existed here. ”

The new school location was the original location of Denham Springs High School, which was extended from the community’s first school building on River Road. The high school there was destroyed by a fire in January 1950 and was rebuilt two blocks north of its current location. After that, there was an elementary school campus in this place for many years.

Denham Springs Elementary School is one of three parochial schools that were severely damaged by the August 2016 floods. An elementary school on a temporary campus at the end of the worship lane, next to the Immaculate Conception church in Denham Springs.

School officials have worked with district and city officials, as well as community leaders, to optimize new campus functions, said Superintendent Joe Murphy. He said the building engineer reviewed old photos and got feedback from past school staff in developing a new school design. Construction workers also worked with members of Denham Green to save three large oak trees on the premises.

“All of our schools are groundbreaking institutions for the communities they serve. We recognize that our facilities are made up of more than bricks and mortar. They are what we do. Filled with rich stories, memories and traditions that lay the historical foundation for progress and growth experienced as a parish or individual community. When we build for the future, we reach our present location. It makes sense to remember these important qualities, “Murphy said.

According to Murphy, the newly designed school includes 32 regular classrooms, 5 special education classrooms, 2 computer laboratories, and an open collaboration space across the campus, allowing students to study outside of traditional classroom areas. Will be. It also includes a new library and cafeteria. The front door has a staircase seating area that can serve as a bus waiting room or accommodate small student gatherings. At the same time, campus boundaries are safer than before. There is only one public entrance to the school. All other entrances require key access.

Construction workers said they plan to complete a new school in the fall semester, Ziler said. He also said the work was on track for its estimated $ 14.5 million budget.

When the roof is completed this month, workers will begin building walls and installing mechanical parts for the facility, Giller said. Despite the late weather last year, he said the project is on track.

“And now that it’s starting to be visible to everyone, it’s amazing to see and hear positive feedback on this project. This is what this community of all ages will be doing for years to come. I believe it will be something I’m proud of. “

Rising on Range Avenue, new Denham Springs Elementary taking shape | Livingston/Tangipahoa Source link Rising on Range Avenue, new Denham Springs Elementary taking shape | Livingston/Tangipahoa

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