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Los Angeles-Disney Media & Entertainment Distribution Networks and Hollywood Records announced the release of their new song “Finish Line” on Friday. It was written by world-famous superstar Rita Ora and award-winning songwriter Diane Warren.

“”goal“Acts as the soundtrack to ESPN’s next four-part title IX document,” 37 Words. “

Click here to hear the “Finish Line”.

ABC Wwned Television Stations’ racial and cultural team, a true company-wide passion project, plays a vital role in securing the song, with a majority of women leading the creative vision of the “finish line” music video. I was a member of the team.

“when [Warren] Bringing me this song, I was so impressed with the lyrics and the passion they evoked, and soon knew I had to take part in the project. “The fight for women’s equality is a global issue,” Ora said in a statement. “Every day, women around the world are fighting to be seen, heard and respected. We strive to achieve women’s equality everywhere in the world, so we must continue to work to empower each other. “

“This powerful initiative has inspired me to write the” Finish Line “as an uplifting national anthem that reminds me of never giving up on the fight. It may be fifty years since the law was passed, but we are still promoting basic human rights equality. “Warren added.

An exclusive clip of the music video premiered on Sunday during ABC’s “American Idol”. Emmy Award-winning producer and host Ryan Seacrest interviewed both Ora and Warren live.

“This campaign is to remind women to stay strong and stick with them,” Ora told Seacrest.

“There are no obstacles we can’t overcome as women and as people,” Warren added.

“Finish Line” is the national anthem of women’s empowerment that supports the four-part ESPN documentary “37 Words” by documentary filmmakers Dawn Porter and Nicole Newnam as part of the Walt Disney Company. 50/50 Initiative Led by ESPN. The Fifty / 50 Initiative celebrates the 50th anniversary of Title IX, a federal civil rights law that prohibits gender discrimination in federal-funded educational institutions and provides equal opportunity for women.

more: What is Title IX?How the groundbreaking Civil Rights Act systematized sports and subsequent gender equality

A women-led executive team and a creative team have come together to ensure that a diverse group of women lead all the elements of the “finish line” production. This collaboration is a deliberate nod of empowerment and respect for Title IX women who have broken barriers and paved the way for many. The project was led by Adrianne Anderson, Vice President of Content Development and Marketing for KABC-TV, and Nzinga Blake, Executive Producer of Race and Culture at ABC Owned Television Stations.

“When celebrating the 50th anniversary of Title IX across the Walt Disney Company, two prolific and powerful artists like Rita Ora and Diane Warren devoted their talents and passion to songs that celebrate and encourage girls and women. It’s a true gift. All over the country. ” “‘Finish Line’ is a wonderful, empowering national anthem, made possible by an extraordinarily exciting group of women. We are very proud of this collaboration and are networked as part of the Fifty / 50 Initiative. I’m excited about what I can do. “

“We needed to support the 50/50 initiative,” Blake said. “ABC Owned Television’s racial and cultural team is dedicated to amplifying the voices of historically underrated people, addressing cultural and social issues, and celebrating them and their victories. It was a dream come true for Diane and Rita to agree to participate in this, and let the female leaders of our organization support this initiative and see the magic that has evolved from this collaboration. . “

In summary, the ABC team has decided to harness the power of the Disney brand to harness its internal resources and talents to launch this project. In an unprecedented move, Station Group decided to produce and direct the music video in-house and work closely with ESPN to produce the song in collaboration with Disney Music Group’s Hollywood Records.

“Finish Line” was released on all music streaming services on Friday. Fans monopolize when “American Idol” is broadcast from coast to coast on ABC on Sunday, May 15 (8: 00-10: 00 pm EDT / 5: 00-7: 00 pm PDT) You can watch typical music video clips. The next day, you can watch the episode on demand on Hulu. Viewers may also hear songs from ESPN’s docu series “37 Words” when premiered at ESPN at 8 pm on June 21 (Parts 1 and 2) and June 28 (Parts 3 and 4). I can do it.

Walt Disney Co. is the parent company of ESPN, Hollywood Records, and this station.

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Rita Ora song ‘Finish Line,’ written by Diane Warren, celebrates 50 years of Title IX, serves as anthem for Fifty/50 docuseries Source link Rita Ora song ‘Finish Line,’ written by Diane Warren, celebrates 50 years of Title IX, serves as anthem for Fifty/50 docuseries

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