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New York (AP) — Marwin Gonzalez added that Rafael Devers hit a three-run homer in Michael King’s first inning …

New York (AP) — Rafael Devers hit a three-run homer in his first inning with Michael King, Marwin Gonzalez added two points and two points, and the Boston Red Sox beat the New York Yankees five on Friday night. Defeated by -2. Rivals are 19 games this season.

Former Yankees Nathan Eovaldi (7-2) won three straight wins, shutout in six innings and exhausted. The Red Sox are the first win at the Yankee Stadium since June 2, 2019, in Bronx. Stopped the 11-game losing streak. ..

The Yankees played the first 57 games without playing against the Red Sox, and then started 14 games against Boston in the next 43 games. New York and Boston played for the first time in the second half of the full season since their first match in 1996. The match is July 1st.

The season’s highest 18,040 spectators, boosted by the relaxation of coronavirus restrictions, were booed as the Yankees devoted themselves to two plays and won 54 major league top games. New York 8 in 11 games I suffered my second defeat.

Gary Sanchez was nightjeje on the night of four strikeouts, dropping batting average to 0.198. He includes Lugned Odor (.182), Clint Frazier (.179) and Brett Gardner (.192). The bottom four in New York’s batting order contributed to zero 15 at bats.

The Yankees batter has struck out 15 times, the sixth in eight double-digit games, and the 29th this season. Frank Sinatra’s “New York, New York” began prematurely when Sanchez died two in the ninth inning with a 1-2 pitch, and even the public address system abandoned early. Sanchez Fouled three more pitches and then struck out.

Xander Bogaerts scored two goals in second place Boston, hitting four at bats in five at bats with 0 at bats in 24 at bats.

Eovaldi allowed two hits, one hit and eight hits in six innings.

Hirokazu Sawamura finished 5 strikeouts over 2 innings, and Matt Barnes finished 14 times and 13 times.

The judge hit 14 home runs in the 6th inning and plunged into the short pouch on the right wing, while the Yankees became first baseman with Odor’s 2-out 2 on-grounder stripping Gonzales’ glove and bouncing his cheekbones. Picked up the ball and threw it roughly first due to an error. Frazier hit the inning end flyout.

King (0-3) gave up four runs and six hits in five 1/3 innings on behalf of Corey Kluber, who was injured in a rotation in New York. He placed a 0-2 count fastball in the letter to Diverse, who pushed the ball into the second deck on the right field. The Divers scored 15 home runs and 46 RBIs this season.

Gonzales, like Devers, hit two outs in the sixth inning and doubled again in the eighth inning.

K corner

In the 4th inning, King struck out Hunter Renfroe, Gonzales and Christian Vazquez with nine balls, making him the seventh consecutive hit on the Yankees pitcher.

This feat is said to have been achieved 95 times. Other players who achieved it at the Yankees were Al Downing (against Indians, August 11, 1967), Ron Guidley (White Sox, August 7, 1984), and AJ Burnett (Marlins, June 2009). 20), Ivan Nova (Mets, 29 May 2013), Brandon McCarthy (Rays, 17 September 2004), Dellin Betances (Tigers, 2 August 2017).

King continued five times in his second four-throw inning this season.


Dustin Pedroia will be honored at the pre-game ceremony with the Yankees on June 25th. 37-year-old Peoria retired on February 1st, winning three World Series titles in the Red Sox between 2007 and 2019.

Trainers room

Red Sox: During a simulated match in Fort Myers, Florida, Ryan Brazier (left calf) was hit on the right side of his head with a Rhine drive, director Alex Cora said after exchanging texts with the pitcher. The brassiere was taken to the hospital for a brain shake test. Brasier was stable and was scheduled to be monitored until at least Saturday.

Yankees: Kluber (stiffened right shoulder) caught. Kluber includes Dr. Christopher Ahmad, MD, Head Team Doctor of Yankees, Dr. David Archek, Medical Director of New York Mets, Dr. Neil S. El Atrack, Ph.D., Head Team of Los Angeles Dodgers, and Texas Rangers. Is being examined by Dr. Keith Meister, a doctor on the head team of. Yankees coach Aaron Boone said he was “a little gray” about “acute injuries” and “chronic things that are just exhaustion of a man with many innings on his arm” for a 35-year-old player. Said. “


RHP Jameson Tyrone (1-4, 5.10) will face LHP Eduardo Rodríguez (5-4, 5.64) at the Yankees on Saturday.


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Rivalry renewed: Red Sox stop slide in Bronx, beat Yanks 5-2 Source link Rivalry renewed: Red Sox stop slide in Bronx, beat Yanks 5-2

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