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Indianapolis (AP) — After a 21-point delay, Indianapolis Colts needed the biggest regular season comeback in franchise history. …

Indianapolis (AP) — After a 21-point delay, Indianapolis Colts needed the biggest regular season comeback in franchise history. Philip Rivers carried out that mission.

After a 21-0 draw, the Rivers defeated Cincinnati 31-27, rallying Colts with three touchdown passes, including a go-ahead score in the first play of the fourth quarter.

This was comparable to the biggest comeback in franchise regular season history. None of the previous four went home, and the last time Indianapolis (4-2) achieved a feat came in Tampa Bay in 2003. Only a 28-point comeback in the 2013 playoffs with Kansas City was the larger margin.

This is the fifth time Bengals (1-4-1) has taken a 21-point lead in franchise history, and the second worst in history.

The river was sensational. In his first play in the fourth quarter, he finished 29 out of 44 yards with 371 yards, a single intercept and threw a 14-yard go-ahead score to Jack Doyle. Rodrigo Sanchez added a 40-yard field goal, and Julian Blackmon chose Joe Burrow with 39 seconds left to seal it.

Cincinnati was able to take the lead with a 48-yard field goal at 8:02 28-27, but Randy Brock made the right side upright.

Things certainly didn’t start for Colts.

Bengals converted Doyle’s fumble in the second play of the game into a two-yard touchdown run from Giovani Bernard. After forcing a punt, Barrow scored 2 yards with 4 downs to 14-0. And Bengals led 21-0 when Joe Mixon added a 7-yard TD run in his first play in the second quarter.

Indy started his comeback when the tight-end Tray Burton snapped directly and scored in a one-yard run. After Cincinnati added a 47-yard field goal, Philip Rivers reduced his half-time deficit to 24-21 with a 10-yard TD pass to Burton and a 17-yard pass to Zack Pascal with 15 seconds remaining. ..

Block’s 55-yard field goal in the second half of the third quarter extended Cincinnati’s lead to 27-21. However, the Rivers responded with a scoring play against Doyle, and the Bengals never recovered.

What relief

After the horror of Friday morning, a timely kick-off was relieved in Indianapolis.

Four people in the Colts facility were initially positive for COVID-19. The second test, run on four, proved to be a false positive.

But for hours of uncertainty, Frank-Like, his staff, and the players scrambled to make a backup plan in case league officials needed to advance the match. The Bengali didn’t change anything on Friday and were doing business as usual.

Report of injury

Bengals: Both Carl Lawson and Christian Covington started on Sunday and replaced DE Sam Hubbard and the DT DJ leader. Both were on the injured list this week. … Mixon injured his left leg in the first half due to an injury to his right leg, but returned early in the second half. … Both DT Christian Covington and CB William Jackson III were injured in the second half and came back later.

Colts: Pro Bowl linebacker Darius Leonard (at the base of his leg) missed two games in a row. … CB Xavier Rose and WR Marcus Johnson were also upset in the second half, but came back.

STAT pack

Bengals: Barrow was 25 yards out of 39 yards, 313 yards and one pass cut. … Bernard has extended the league’s best streak of consecutive carry to 764 without fumble, dating back to 2013. … AJ Green caught five times at 54 yards after being locked out in Baltimore last week. … Rookie receiver Tea Higgins held six receptions at 125 yards, the best of the season. … Mixon was in a hurry 18 times with 54 yards and 1 score.

Colts: The Rivers have started 230 games in a row, tying in 4th place in league history with Bruce Matthews. … Marcus Johnson won five passes in his career’s best 125 yards. It’s the second 100-yard game of his career. … Jonathan Taylor had 12 carries at 60 yards and 4 receptions at 55 yards. … Burton held four receptions at 58 yards.


Bengals: Look for a season split when they host Cleveland next Sunday.

Colts: I’ll be off next week on November 1st before visiting Detroit, my third opponent in NFC North.


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