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Riverside among police departments raising base pay – Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City, Missouri 2021-10-21 23:06:29 –

Kansas City, Missouri — Local police stations say it’s getting harder and harder to get people involved.

According to data from various Metropolitan Police recruitment pages, annual income ranges from $ 40,000 to medium.

Some departments are beginning to see results due to change, and others are now beginning to follow their leadership.

“It was pretty competitive in our market,” Det said. Sean Zfeld, Riverside Police Station. “We are a small city sandwiched between several much larger cities, so it is very difficult to find a good and capable candidate.”

Zfeld said changes were needed.

“I think our career and passion have been hit in some way,” he said. “It’s hard to find qualified people. Wages are what we mention when we go out and hire and talk to people about their careers in law enforcement. People are very similar, It’s a synonym for less paid — we just want to break that idea that you might be paid poorly. “

A few months ago, the city of Riverside voted in favor of raising the base salary of new officers to $ 50,000 and raising other salaries to maintain it.

It’s been months since the city made the changes, and Zufelt says it has proved to be competitive.

“It definitely helped us take applicants to the door and fill some of our positions, we still have two positions open,” he said.

People living on the riverside are delighted to see the latest positions filled.

“As a citizen of the Riverside, it reassures me that the officers are receiving the amount to be paid and that they protect my community and my safety,” said Ibet Tanner. ..

Zufelt wants other divisions to focus on Riverside’s success.

“I want to see other cities imitate us. I think a lot of people are talking about raising base salaries because it’s a big step in leadership,” Zfeld said.

Parkville is looking to follow suit.

On Tuesday, Parkville Police Chief Kevin Chrisman requested the city to raise executive wages from $ 41,600.

“We were so tight that we couldn’t afford to buy you, so I actually kept people away,” Chrisman told members of the council.

After discussions, Parkville approves the chief’s plan and launches a new officer for $ 50,000, increasing the salary of the current officer.

A police station in Kansas City, Missouri, said it had an opening as well.

KCPD said in August staff was reduced by about 5%.

In 2019, the department lost 180 members but hired 200.

In 2021, KCPD lost 120 members and employed only 19 people.

Riverside among police departments raising base pay Source link Riverside among police departments raising base pay

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