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Riverside, CA — Authorities met with a 13-year-old man and provided the girl with a “vape” pen in exchange for nude photos, after arranging to meet with the 13-year-old girl and engage in sexual activity. He said he was arrested. For marijuana, Wednesday, May 19th.

When the man was arrested after appearing at a riverside mall and meeting with the proprietress, he had a loaded pistol and a large amount of marijuana, mushrooms, and other edible drugs packaged for sale. Was discovered. According to the people concerned.

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Riverside police officers were first informed of the situation when they learned that the alleged 34-year-old James David Renfroe had been in contact with a 13-year-old victim on social media. Officials explain.

“During these online conversations, an adult man offered to sell a vapor-breathing pen to minors in exchange for nude photos,” officials explained. “The victim shared the photo, after which (Renfro) delivered a vapor-breathing pen to his home.”

“When the man requested additional photos, the victim was worried and told his parents, who called the police,” officials said.

James Lenflow, 38, was arrested after authorities said he had first provided a 13-year-old girl on the riverside with an “e-cigarette” pen in exchange for nude photos. He was subsequently arrested at Galleria at Tyler. Arranged to meet a young victim at a shopping center, where he agreed to offer the girl marijuana in exchange for sex. He was arrested by RCCET staff when he arrived at the mall.Riverside police station photo

As these social media interactions continued, Renfroe repeatedly demanded to meet the victim boy at the Galleria at Tyler Shopping Mall on the riverside, offering to trade marijuana for sexual favor.

At that time, the support requested by RPD was requested by the Riverside County Child Exploitation Team (RCCET). This team has a detective assigned to the Riverside Police.

On Wednesday, May 19, RCCET conducted surveillance at a mall where Renfro agreed to have sex with a young victim. When Renfro arrived at the multi-storey car park in the shopping center, they eventually found Renfro, where he was detained without incident.

“Investigators searched Mr. Renfroe’s car and found a large amount of marijuana, mushrooms, and other edible drugs packaged for sale,” RPD explained. “They also found a pistol loaded in his car, and with the help of the district attorney’s electronic detection dog, Chewy, the electronics were also confiscated. “

In addition to the large quantities of marijuana, mushrooms, and other edible narcotics packaged for sale, RCCET officials have discovered that Renfroe has brought a pre-loaded pistol to a pre-arranged meeting place. –Aged girl.Riverside police station photo

Based on their investigation, authorities arrested Renflow and then attempted to meet minors for sex, communicate with minors for sex, and obscene acts on children under the age of 14. He was detained in Robert Pressley Detention Center on the riverside on suspicion of being obscene. Possession of child pornography. He was also booked for some drug and weapons breaches.

According to online prison records, Renfroe was released from jail on May 24 after paying $ 35,000 on bail or bail. He will be prosecuted at the Riverside Hall of Justice on June 11.

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“This case is another example of an invaluable task force like RCCET doing in our community to prevent predators from sacrificing their children,” officials said. Explains. “But it also emphasizes the need for parents to monitor their children’s online activities, especially social media,” he added.

Here are some tips that RPD offers parents about the security of the Internet and social media.

  • Educate yourself about various social media apps
  • Set an age limit for your child to start using social media
  • Check your child’s privacy settings regularly
  • Keep your child’s profile private
  • Make sure you haven’t posted any personal information such as phone number, address, school, check-in, etc.
  • Make sure the person is using a strong password and that the password is shared with you.
  • Never allow friend requests / followers from strangers or pages
  • Set realistic rules and guidelines for your child’s use of the Internet and social media
  • If you come across any suspicious person or something online, keep in touch with them so they can come to you.

The investigation into this child exploitation is still underway and no further details have been released at this time.

If you have additional information, or if you suspect you know the victim of Renfro, immediately detective Robert Olsen (951) 955-5529 or ROlsen@RiversideCA.gov, Or RCCET (866) 723-3595 or Safe@RivCoDA.orgThe caller can see incident file number 210013536 and can remain anonymous.

To send more information about RCCET and online safety, as well as tips on child exploitation, please visit: www.RivCoSafe.org.

The Riverside County Child Exploitation Team was formed in 2006 in collaboration with multidisciplinary law enforcement agencies led by the Riverside County District Prosecutor’s Office. Department, Riverside County Reserve, Riverside Police, Beaumont Police, Murrieta Police, California Orthodontic Rehabilitation Department. This task force is a related member of the San Diego Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force and is also part of the National Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force Program.

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Riverside man who arranged to meet local 13-year-old girl for sex arrested – Riverside County News Source Source link Riverside man who arranged to meet local 13-year-old girl for sex arrested – Riverside County News Source

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