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Wichita, Kansas 2022-05-19 11:29:48 –

Wichita, Kansas (KSNW) – Some people on the riverside were angry with the Eversie plan to upgrade the power lines in the area.

On Wednesday, residents held a meeting to discuss the possibility of the company placing a 100-foot pole in their neighborhood.

Evergy tells KSN News that the project is in its infancy and hasn’t decided anything specific about the size or location of the poles.

Some people on the riverside say they are ready to work with Eversy, but so far they don’t like what they see.

“We have sent you the latest information that there are no changes and we are considering opportunities, but if there are no changes, this would be 100 feet, 6 feet around the pole through the center of the historic center.” Makhaira Welch, the historic Midtown Citizens’ Association.

The transmission line in question was built in the 1950s, according to Eversey.

In 2020, the electric company was rebuilt Part of a transmission line in northeastern Wichita After residents have expressed concern about the size and placement of steel bars.

Here is the statement Evergy sent to KSN News

Evergy met with representatives from the Midtown and Riverside neighborhoods on plans to upgrade the power lines running from 17th Avenue and Empolia Avenue to 11th Avenue and Jefferson. Built in the 1950s, the line is part of Evergy’s efforts to increase the reliability of local electricity and strengthen the local power grid. At this early stage of the project, there are no details about pole positions, sizes, or materials.

Evergy is considering suggestions from the community on this line. We are also taking a step back to more comprehensively consider the projects planned in the heart of Wichita to maintain credibility. This evaluation can take several months, delaying the timeline for this project.

We are focusing on possible alternatives as cost and feasibility prevent underground burial. In many places, rooms for rebuilding power lines underground are not available. This is because other utilities (such as natural gas and water) are already underground in the area. Transmission lines carry more power than distribution lines, making burial construction larger, more complex, and more costly. Construction of underground power lines is generally about eight times as large as fictitious. We strive to keep our customers affordable electricity prices, and these costs are included in the price you pay for our services, so you need to consider the costs.

Once the options are identified, share your progress with your neighbors. Thank you for their patience looking for a solution to minimize the impact on the neighborhood while continuing to provide safe and reliable service.

Kaley Boren
Communication manager

Riverside residents upset over Evergy power pole plan Source link Riverside residents upset over Evergy power pole plan

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