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Sacramento (CBS13) – In the road construction boom along the perimeter of Sacramento, the driver is holding the steering wheel. Three Sacramento highways are in the middle of major construction.

Caltrans states that all three of these construction projects on multiple major roads (5 Interstate 5 projects, Fix Sac 99, and Fix 50 expansion projects) will occur at the same time, causing traffic problems and slowing Sacramento. ..

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“It was painful to deal with it. Traffic and congestion have increased significantly and the lanes are constantly moving,” said a driver in Sacramento. “Determining where the line is can be difficult.”

Long-term projects on both I-5 and 50 can take years to complete. In addition, commuting is complicated by the Fix Sac99 project, which closes 3.5 miles of Highway 99 in both directions. 4 days from Friday night.

Drivers are seeing more accidents in the construction area.

“I find it really dangerous,” said Jarrell Triplet.

Recently, 6 pile up On highway 50.No one was seriously injured, but crashed Landed in the middle of the Fix50 construction project.

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Currently, Caltrans warns drivers to slow down in the construction zone. But why are all these projects going on at the same time?

Anglea Da Prato of Caltrans states that one of the main reasons is financing. The cash currently flowing in from Senate Bill 1 is aimed at improving California’s infrastructure.

“We really have the money we’ve needed for a long time to do many big projects,” said Da Prato.

Caltrans says the design of these projects was not ready when the COVID occurred in 2020. For now, drivers say they deal with delays, hoping that this traffic headache is worth it and no one will be injured.

“I know it’s a hassle, but I think they have to do what they have to do to get things done,” Triplet said.

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Caltrans has been working on 99 projects for several months. Therefore, the project only takes 4 days. They have built the entire highway at Laslop’s facility. They take those pieces to the highway and fit them together like puzzle pieces to make the process run faster.

Road Construction Boom Surrounds Sacramento Area Drivers – CBS Sacramento Source link Road Construction Boom Surrounds Sacramento Area Drivers – CBS Sacramento

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