Road test from Kapalama Driving Test Center to Sheridan Park on Oahu, Hawaii – Honolulu, Hawaii

Honolulu, Hawaii 2020-10-09 21:45:05 –

Stop the Ant Month is an annual campaign organized by the Department of Natural Resources, Hawaii, the Department of Agriculture, Hawaii Invading Species Council, the Invading Species Committee on each island, and the Hawaiian Ant Lab. , And a coordinating group on alien species.

This is a phrase that encourages residents and businesses to take part in the fight against the relatively new kind of stinging ant, The Colony, in Hawaii. They are not the same as the big stinging ants we know from hot and dry areas like parks and beaches. You are standing in the wrong place and your feet and feet are stabbed-they are tropical fire ants and have been in that state since the 1800s. We are talking about a small electric ant (LFA). It’s as wide as a dime and 2 millimeters long. The LFA reaches a very high population and forms 3D invaders, plants and trees, but they do not hang very well. They rain and sting people. And they will move to your home.

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