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Inglewood, CA-A Los Angeles jury convicted Robert Durst of murdering his best friend 20 years ago after a New York real estate heir participated in a documentary that linked him to the murder. The disappearance of his wife in 1982.

Dust, 78, was convicted of a single murder of Susan Berman, who was shot dead at a close range on the back of his head at his home in Los Angeles in December 2000. The murder of his wife.

He may face life imprisonment for primary murder. The prosecution said next month’s decision hearing would not be expected to take long, as the law stipulates a compulsory decision.

Durst was not in Inglewood’s court when the verdict was read. He was quarantined because he may have been exposed to COVID-19. His lawyer said he wanted to be in court and asked him to delay reading the verdict.

Judge Mark Wyndham of the High Court said the court was at risk of isolating the jury due to additional COVID exposure during the pandemic, and the jury would be in court to confirm the verdict. , Refused to postpone the reading of the verdict for the dust to return. Of the verdict.

Berman, the daughter of a Las Vegas gangster, was Darst’s longtime best friend and told a friend that she offered him a fake alibi after his wife disappeared.

The prosecution painted a portrait of a rich narcissist who did not expect the law to apply and mercilessly punished those who disturbed him. They interweave evidence of Berman’s murder, suspicion of Kathy Durst’s death, and evidence of the 2001 tenant’s murder at a Texas cheap hotel pierced by Robert Durst during his escape from New York authorities. rice field.

Durst was arrested in 2015 when he was hiding in a hotel in New Orleans the night before the final episode of “Jinx: Robert Durst’s Life and Death” aired. There, he faced evidence of guilt and did what the prosecutor said. It was a confession.

Dust was heard muttering to himself with a live microphone in the bathroom. “Yes. You were caught.”

Dust’s decision to testify in his defense, hoping for repeated acquittals in Texas, had to admit that he had lied under an oath, made terrible tolerations, and prosecutors. Backfired because he destroyed his credibility when asked.

The Dust Defense Team makes a dangerous move to put the client on the stand

The conviction shows victory for authorities who have tried to detain Durst for murder in three states. Dust admitted that he was not charged with the disappearance of his undiscovered wife, was acquitted of murder in Galveston, Texas, and dismantled the victim’s body and threw it into the sea.

The story of Dust, a estranged descendant of a New York real estate developer, has been a prey to New York tabloids since his wife disappeared. He provided so many plot twists that Hollywood couldn’t resist making a feature film about his life, which eventually led to the discovery of new evidence in documentary and Berman’s murder.

Durst fled the law many times, impersonating a silent woman in Texas and staying at a hotel in New Orleans under another name, wearing a shoulder-to-head latex mask for a presumed escape. He was arrested after paying bail in Texas and shoplifting chicken sandwiches in Pennsylvania, despite having $ 37,000 in cash (with two handguns) in his rental car.

He later joked that he was “the worst fugitive the world has ever met.”

Dust escaped close scrutiny from investigators when his wife disappeared. However, his problem resurfaced in late 2000, when New York authorities resumed the case.

His lawyer told him to prepare to be prosecuted in the case, and he fled his luxury life to Galveston, Texas, where he pretended to be a woman “Dorothy Sinner” who couldn’t speak. I rented a cheap apartment. He eventually stopped disguising after an accident such as stepping into a men’s toilet and igniting a wig at a bar while igniting a cigarette.

Shortly before Christmas, he testified that he had traveled to Los Angeles to visit Berman for a “stay” with plans to see several tourist destinations.

Dust, who had long denied being in LA at the time of Berman’s death, testified in court that he found her dead on the bedroom floor when he arrived.

Berman, a writer who had been friends with Durst since he was a student at the University of California, Los Angeles, had serious financial problems at the time. Dust gave her $ 50,000 and the prosecutor suggested she was trying to get more money out of him by telling him she was going to talk to the police.

Nine months after her death, Durst killed Galveston’s neighbor Morris Black either in an accident or in self-defense. Dust said he found his friend Black in his apartment with a Dust .22 caliber pistol.

Dust was acquitted after testifying that a 71-year-old boy had been killed in a gun battle. Dust then chopped Black’s body and threw it into the sea. He was convicted of destroying evidence of abandoning body parts.

After the trial and the horrifying evidence of the Dismemberment, Durst realized he was Paria, he said. Despite his estimated $ 100 million in property, he turned his back on several condominium associations and said the Los Angeles County Museum of Art would not receive his money unless he donated anonymously.

Dust starred Ryan Gosling as him and Kirsten Dunst as Cathy, and his life-based 2010 feature film All Good Things was nearly involved in three murders. I thought I drew an accurate and sympathetic portrait. He only objected to the picture of himself killing a dog.

He contacted the filmmaker and agreed to sit in a long interview for the documentary. He encouraged his friends to do the same and gave the filmmaker access to his box of records.

He began to deeply regret his decision, calling it “a very, very, very big mistake” after “The Jinx” was aired on HBO in 2015.

The documentary filmmaker linked him to an anonymous note sent to the police and found important evidence for Berman’s lifeless body.

Durst told the filmmaker, “Only the murderer could write the note,” because he was convinced he couldn’t connect to the note.

The filmmakers confronted him in a letter he sent to Berman a year ago. The handwriting was the same, and Beverly Hills had a misspelling of “Beverly” on both sides. He couldn’t distinguish between the two.

The moment of the pitfall brought the movie’s climax as Durst stepped out of the camera and muttered with a live microphone in the bathroom. “Of course, I killed everyone.”

In a 14-day testimony that Judge Mark Wyndham called it “catastrophic,” Durst denied the killing of his wife and Berman, but said he would lie.

He tried to explain the memo, and what the prosecutor said was a confession during the defenseless moment.

For the first time, Dust admitted that he was in Los Angeles at the time of Berman’s death by sending a note at the witness stand.

Dust said he wanted Berman to be found, but he sent a note because he seemed suspicious and didn’t want anyone to know he was there.

He admitted that it was hard to imagine that he could write a note without killing Berman.

“It’s very difficult to write a letter and believe that I didn’t kill Susan Berman,” Dust testified.

Prosecutors said it was one of the most truthful things Darst said in many lies.

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