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Bakersfield, California 2022-05-07 18:00:00 –

Some may have been impressed by Kevin McCarthy Tape’s irreparable harm to Bakersfield’s ambitious members of the House. Some may have envisioned our collective peep behind the curtain and revealed that Public McCarthy, miles away from Private McCarthy, would sacrifice him.

McCarthy has it in a dizzying amount, thanks to its unparalleled funding power in Washington. House minority leaders have brought unprecedented $ 104 million in this election cycle, most of which are other poorer Republican candidates (or they) as the mid-2022 heats up. Distribute to supporting PAC).

McCarthy raised $ 31.5 million in the first quarter of 2022 alone. His total in this cycle exceeds that of former Republican minority leaders as well as former Republican speakers, including two recent Republicans, John Bener and Paul Ryan.

McCarthy climbs the pile of money to the speakership and hands out fists to GOP Congressional candidates along the way.

They need McCarthy. And McCarthy needs them.

Yes, McCarthy’s recent duplication is breathtaking. One day and the next, his willingness to say something claims that he said the opposites are not parallel. (His support and opposition to the repulsion of then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions from the 2017 Russian investigation, literally two hours later, is just one example.)

Here he is likely to be impeached by Donald Trump after the smolder of the January 6 riot 16 months ago, his conviction is plausible, the Nixonian exit is probably the president’s best to retire. That harsh news to Trump was telling a colleague that McCarthy himself was an option and intended to break. And here was McCarthy. Less than a week after the phone conversation, we wiped out a failed coup, like last week’s no longer relevant poll numbers.

A few days after being heard in the call to evaluate the pros and cons of advancing the debate on removal under Article 25 of the Constitution at the moment McCarthy underestimates leadership, he suddenly says everything is going well in the world. I was telling you.

And from his point of view, it was okay because no one important to McCarthy cares about January 6th.

You already know the inside story here. The book “This Doesn’t Pass” by New York Times reporters Alex Burns and Jonathan Martin was awesome last week. No one cares that McCarthy once expressed his heartfelt anger at the post-election siege of the Capitol. Everyone explained that McCarthy explained the book’s revelation that he intended to ask Trump to resign as “totally wrong and wrong” before it turned out to be completely true and accurate. I don’t care. No one cares that McCarthy responded to the rapidly generated audio evidence of the book’s accuracy by resenting and denying what he actually told Trump about his resignation.

Once upon a time, simply put, I thought this turmoil could affect McCarthy’s potential to steal speaker Gavel from Nancy Pelosi shortly after the Republicans regained the House of Representatives.

After all, McCarthy had previously had problems with the far-right element of the Republican Conference, and his apparent disloyalty to Trump may have been seen as the last dagger. Then there’s this: Someone who was on those recorded phones has a secret warm place for the New York Times, or perhaps for McCarthy. And I don’t know if anyone is Liz Cheney.

Yes, I simply thought this mess could hurt McCarthy. It doesn’t become. Other than the most tragic mistakes, nothing keeps McCarthy away from speakership. Congressmen know where their bread is buttered: in McCarthy’s kitchen.

McCarthy’s 20th Parliamentary District Campaign does not require the kind of funding he raises. As always, he’s a shoe-in. He distributes the cash to other untalented colleagues who reward him by voting for speakers in mid-November.

McCarthy’s huge campaign donation wealth makes use of many sources. His own parliamentary campaign committee, related leadership PACs, and several joint funding committees, including the McCarthy Victory Fund and Takeback the House 2022. The Center for Responsive Politics belongs to the financial, real estate, energy and gambling sectors.

However, most of the money raised during this election cycle was before the release of The Tapes. According to the latest audio recording recorded on January 8, 2021, how will McCarthy’s candid comments on Trump’s role in the January 6 riots be played in Trumpland? If the private meeting of House GOP members on April 27 is a sign, it’s okay. McCarthy received a standing ovation.

The next test will take place on Monday and Trump will appear in major fundraising activities by McCarthy and the House Republican Party in Dallas. It’s the first time the two have been together in the same public place, as the tape has become a controversy now.

My prediction: Another standing applause.

Because no one cares whether it’s a vicious act or not.

Robert Price’s column will appear here on Sunday.To reach him in Or via Twitter: @stubblebuzz. The expressed opinion is his own.

ROBERT PRICE: McCarthy’s gift for fundraising is his ticket to the speakership — yes, despite everything | Robert Price Source link ROBERT PRICE: McCarthy’s gift for fundraising is his ticket to the speakership — yes, despite everything | Robert Price

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