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Rochester, NY-Police officers in Rochester, NY handcuff a 9-year-old girl and spray pepper in response to what police officers called a “family trouble” report in a case sharply criticized by city officials. I put it on.

Two body camera videos of the Friday incident released by police on Sunday show that police are detaining, handcuffing, and trying to take them behind a police car.

Police officers can be seen spraying her with pepper after the girl did not obey the order to put her foot in the car.

According to Andre Anderson, Deputy Police Chief of Rochester, the girl was transferred to Rochester General Hospital and later released.

The police officers involved were suspended on Monday, according to a news release from city officials. CNN asked the police union for comment.

The case has a nasty resemblance to the death of a black man, Daniel Prud, who died in March after Rochester police fixed him to the ground and put a hood on his head after experiencing a mental health crisis. ..

Police body camera footage of the incident, released in August after city officials deliberately postponed the release, led to protests against the police treatment of blacks and those experiencing a mental health crisis. .. Mayor Lovely Warren later dismissed the police chief and said the police had “widespread problems.”

CNN was unable to identify the 9-year-old race with authorities or family members.

At a press conference on Sunday, interim Rochester police chief Cynthia Elliott Sullivan said police treatment of the girl was unacceptable.

“I’m not going to stand here and tell you that it’s okay for a 9-year-old kid to have to spray pepper. It’s not,” she said. “We don’t understand it as a department, so we’re going to do the work we have to do to prevent this from happening.”

Warren said the girl reminded her of her young daughter.

“I have a 10-year-old daughter. That is, she is a child. She is a baby. And as a mother, I can tell you that this video is not what you want to see. It’s not.” Warren said. “We need to understand compassion and empathy. When I had a child suffering like this and was calling her dad, I saw my baby’s face on her face.”

Police said they were responding to reports of “family troubles”

Anderson said on Sunday that an officer was called home on the afternoon of January 29 to report “family trouble.”

Police officers were told that the girl had “suicidal ideation” and “she wanted to kill herself and said she wanted to kill her mother,” the deputy secretary explained.

According to Anderson, the girl tried to escape from the police, but a video released by the police showed that the police were chasing her and trying to help her.

He said the mother then arrived and a body camera video showed the two claims. Police officers then decided to remove the child from the situation and transfer it to a local hospital, Anderson said.

However, according to Anderson, the girl refused to board the police car, “crashed”, kicked the policeman, and knocked on her body camera.

“She didn’t seem to resist the police. She tried not to be restricted from going to the hospital,” Anderson said. “When the policeman tried many times to get her into the car, the policeman sprayed the young child with OC spray and put her in the car.”

Body camera videos show a girl repeatedly crying for her father while being detained by a police officer. She can be seen screaming before her head is pressed against the snow-covered ground and handcuffed. A struggle occurs when the girl and the policeman try to put her behind the police car.

At one point, one police officer says, “You are acting like a child.”

“I’m a kid!” The girl responds.

Later in the video, a female officer is seen talking to the girl, who eventually says, “This is your last chance. Otherwise, the pepper spray will go to your eyes.” About a minute later, I hear another police officer saying, “At this point I just spray her.” The policewoman is seen shaking a can that looks like a pepper spray, and the child keeps screaming.

The police officer involved in the case was not identified by police, nor was the child or her mother identified.

“I haven’t made any excuses for what happened,” Anderson said on Sunday, saying the ministry “is seeing cultural changes.” According to Anderson, the department is considering a number of policies and is considering making changes.

How police respond to mental health crises, minors

Mayor Warren instructed the police chief to carry out a complete and thorough investigation of the case and said he welcomed a review of what had happened by the city’s police accountability committee.

After the suspension of officers on Monday, she said what had happened was “just scary.”

“Unfortunately, state law and trade union contracts have prevented me from taking quicker and more serious action,” she said.

New York Attorney General Letitia James said in a tweet Monday that her office was also investigating the case.

“What happened in Rochester on Friday is very disturbing and totally unacceptable. The use of such force and pepper spray should never be deployed to children. What happened to my office I’m investigating (Rochester Police Station). “

Law enforcement responses to girls, as in the case of Proud, underscore the police struggle to adequately deal with those experiencing a mental health crisis or threatening suicide.

Warren said on Sunday that she spoke to the girl’s mother and that a member of the endangered city’s mental health team would contact her family.

“It’s clear from the video that we need to do more to help our children and their families,” Warren said.

Donna Lieberman, secretary-general of the New York Civil Liberties Association, said police sprayed pepper on a nine-year-old child “there is no possible justification” and a broader change in such response. Asked.

“The Rochester Police Department has no business to act as the first responder to a mental health crisis that requires mental health expertise,” she said in a statement. “It’s time to completely transform the safety of the community, starting with extracting RPD from the response to the mental health crisis and assigning it to a trained mental health professional.”

Pastor Luis Stewart of the United Christian Leadership Department in western New York said the police response was part of an “inappropriate and inhumane pattern of behavior,” including Prud’s death.

“The case highlights the urgency of the need to move forward with respect to police and public security reconsideration and reinvention,” Stewart said in a press conference Monday morning.

He called on relevant police officers to suspend unpaid jobs, and said federal investigations and Rochester police should reassess how to deal with minors.

“Minor should not be handcuffed. It must be banned,” Stewart said. “Do not spray children chemically. It must also be banned.”

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Rochester police officers handcuff and pepper-spray a 9-year-old girl after call of ‘family trouble’ Source link Rochester police officers handcuff and pepper-spray a 9-year-old girl after call of ‘family trouble’

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