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Due to the situation in Israel / Palestine as a whole, I almost want to sneak under the bed and stay there, but yesterday I stuck my head out and posted on social media feeds to flatten the downtown Gaza City building. He expressed fear and anger at Israel’s decision: AP and other media outlets were headquartered.

“There is no conscientious word to describe the crushed news media,” I wrote. “And as someone who truly wants Israel and Palestine, where everyone has the opportunity to live a fulfilling and fulfilling life, I say.”

Then I sat down and wondered when the dung would start to fly.

Vicky and Trudy pointed out that Hamas fired rockets at Israel. Marcia, as a resident of Kiryat Gat, a border town in southern Israel, has a “front row seat” for its rockets. I said that.

Trudy and my cousin Joan said Israel is issuing notices to reduce civilian deaths, unlike other entities that bomb buildings with people. I admit it is better than not notifying you. But good is not enough. In this case, there was an apartment with a family in the building, whether or not there was a Hamas office. A family eating breakfast around a common table, sleeping in an adjacent bedroom, and browsing a photo album on a bookshelf.

Thanks to you, the discussion so far has not evolved into an oral version of rocket launch. I’m sure the merry-go-round is going around in many other playgrounds, but for good reason. The situation in Israel / Palestinia is so radioactive that it is almost impossible to raise a debate without serious misunderstandings without open conflict.

So what if you remove the confusion and remove everything, except for most of the facts?

Fact 1: There is one lot of land.

Fact 2: Two different groups, Blues and Greens, claim ownership.

Complex facts:

Fact 1: The rulers of both groups are very fond of the personal power they gain from taking the initiative and do not want to lose it.

Fact 2: Money aimed at improving the lives of civilians has been used to enrich rulers and maintain power.

Fact 3: The rulers of other countries who have an interest in continuing the conflict for their own benefit are doing everything they can to keep the conflict going.

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Historically complex facts:

HCF 1. Land has traveled between different groups for thousands of years. At one time it was governed by one of the groups, and at another time it was governed by a group that had no contemporary interest in regaining it.

HCF 2. The modern history of land includes colonial rule with conflicting promises to both parties directly involved in the current conflict.

HCF 3. World War ends with the exposure of atrocities committed to a group of people, Bruce, by a ruler who has nothing to do with the other group.

HCF 4. If the war causes a large number of Blue refugees and they are allowed to return to the area from where they were evacuated, the area is composed and controlled by people who have no connection to the land in question. Will destabilize.

HCF 5. They are part of a coalition of other countries, vote and award land to the Blue Group.

HCF 6. Having lived peacefully in the region for thousands of years, Bruce bought enough land from absentee landlords in the years leading up to World War II and joined Bruce from another country with a presence as part of it. did. A move to establish a blue state.

HCF 7. A war broke out shortly after the vote. The Blue Group has successfully expelled Green, and thousands of people have lived in the area for thousands of years.

HCF 8. In retaliation, Bruce, who lives in a neighboring country governed by people like Green, will be banished. The blue country accepts them.

HCF 9. Some green people migrate to greenish countries, but some do not want it and most are not allowed. These green people become refugees.

Post-historical facts:

PHF 1. Blue’s group educates children about the miraculous return of the land and explains that everyone there was willing to leave. The Green Group works with other countries around the world to educate children about the atrocities committed by the Blue Group.

PHF 2. Continuous death, destruction, oppression, misery.

Then what should I do? I’m a librarian, a former reporter, not a diplomat or a miracle craftsman, and I still do occasional journalism. For 34 years, my main experience in dispute resolution has been to judge sibling quarrels between three children and to resolve occasional dog-to-dog quarrels between real dogs.

But a few years ago, after I began to understand that I wasn’t informed of the full story of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, it was probably triggered by reading Michael Chabon’s book. Yiddish Police Officers Union And I had an idea about all the sculptures of the colonial land of the British colonial era. It also heard news coverage of all other countries (mostly the ones I live in). It was also brought about by that. It also happened when I saw one of my descendants go through the medical residency matching process.

Give Israeli and Palestinian leaders a map that marks the five states of the mainland United States. Ask them to number the states they select in rank order. One state is for Jews who want their state. One is for Palestinians. Current residents of these states have the option of staying in a new country or receiving property compensation at a level that allows them to move to another state.

meaningless? Does it never work?

Remember, I’m a librarian, not a miracle craftsman. I look forward to hearing your better ideas.

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