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Corpus Christi, Texas — Some locals in Rockport said vaccinations kept them safe and motivated them to go out.

“We feel safer because of the increased vaccinations,” said Sherry Stickler, who lives in Rockport. We are a tourist destination and others are here, but vaccines. I feel safe because of.

Being near the beach helps you stay safe, says Stichler.

“We live on the beach …. I don’t know. The wind is blowing and more …. You don’t have to do exactly 6 feet,” she said.

Phil Whetzel recently moved to Rockport and said location was important when he was with other people who could infect him with COVID-19.

“I’m from San Antonio, but I think there’s more open space here and you’re not too far from others. You’re not in a tight, confined space. “Whetzel said.

He also said that there are more people in the area for the weekends of the holidays.

Some visitors are aware that people do not follow COVID-19 guidelines at Rockport, but vaccination of their families can keep them safe.

“Everyone is completely vaccinated and feels very comfortable to be here. There are many people here without masks,” said Matthew Boyd, who visited Rockport. Told.

However, some visitors, such as Dawn Gowery, were never afraid to go out boldly during the pandemic. Because she is skeptical of the information published by authorities and doctors.

“I was always relieved. I am always relieved because I feel safe about who I am. It’s not what the government, doctors or bureaucrats tell me,” Gowery said.

Business owners like Debbie Brock, who owns the face painting business Rainbow Pareto, said the business has grown recently as more people are coming to the area from Houston and wanting to go out.

“I really didn’t have a job for over a year because of the pandemic, but now I’m starting to work with a gig.

Other business owners, such as Jackie McCree, owner of Attitudes and Latitude, which has a store in Rockport, said they’re seeing more business this weekend. She said she was looking for a pandemic. The business had to be closed for three months, but sales have increased since March, when COVID-19 restrictions were relaxed by Governor Abbott.

“With the mandatory masks and such mitigation, more people are vaccinated and customers feel some freedom,” McCrea said.

Rockport locals and visitors helping fuel local economy Source link Rockport locals and visitors helping fuel local economy

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