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After Rock’s now infamous “Funny Pack” photo turned into a “float” in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade, the “Jumanji” star said it was probably the “coolest” thing that happened to him.

I wrote, “Never in my dream …” Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson On November 26th, sharing the next NBC promotion Young rock A series to his Instagram. The commercial, aired during the 2020 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade, turned 48-year-old Johnson into one of the event’s trademark balloons.But this balloon wasn’t rock when he was an active WWE superstar, or when he first took a break in his big acting. Scorpion King, Or even his recent turn wild speed movies. No, this “float” is a photo of the now infamous 1990s “funny pack” with a chain, fake tag watch and leather funny pack.

Indeed, the “balloon” was CGI. This can be seen from the fact that it floats throughout Manhattan and that the balloons of the 2020 parade flew low to the ground due to the reduction in personnel due to COVID-19. The fact that it wasn’t real didn’t mean that Rock wasn’t tickled pink by it. “I was a lucky SOB who did some pretty cool things in my career, but after seeing @nbcyoungrock FANNY PACK FLOAT at #MacysThanksgivingParade, this might take a cake,” he wrote. I will.

The image reflected a bit of rock when this float saw a young man “mocking” and saw the entire adventure placed in front of him. The photo says, “It’s when the funny pack was only $ 7, but at least it was cool enough to push the turtleneck and the fake silver jewelery could afford it.” I will. “And my large pulled out eyebrows are what makes dreams (and nightmares). Float, kids .. you might make it someday.”

A photo of Rock’s “Funny Pack” was shared on a professional wrestling bulletin board in the early 2000s, but a former WWE champion “broke the internet” by sharing a high-grade version of the photo in 2014. “Funny Pack and Lean take it to a whole different level,” he captioned the tweet. Since then, Dwayne has seen his photos become memes and where his friends and co-stars are – Seth Rogen, Kevin Hart – Dressed up like everything for Halloween.

Fans can see how Rock made him a global superstar today Young rock.. The new comedy, scheduled to premiere at NBC in February 2021, depicts Johnson in three different stages of his childhood. At the age of 10 ( Adrian Gruul) Growing up in a “strong and dependable family” variety; At the age of 15 ( Bradley Constant), He finds himself surrounded by the wild characters of professional wrestling.And at the age of 18-20 (painted by) Uri Ratukev), When Dwayne was receiving a football scholarship to the University of Miami.

Rock has already begun to preview the series, “Minimy is hanging out at home with wrestling legend Junkyard Dog,” and “I always affectionately call him” Uncle Andre. ” “The day I learned a huge lesson from a man who is”, “a shot of actor Joseph Lee Anderson, who starred to play Rock’s late father. Rocky Johnson..

Rock’s “Funny Pack” photo turns into Macy’s Thanksgiving’s “Float” – Hollywood Life

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