Rocky River City Schools faces growing concerns about hybrid learning models – Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland, Ohio 2020-11-04 21:58:41 –

Rocky River, Ohio (WJW) – On Wednesday night, dozens of parents attended the Rocky River City School District’s special board meeting to express concerns about the school district’s hybrid learning model.

Parents are angry with the lack of education time in the current model and the fact that other districts are completely open.

“My high school student attends a 40-minute class every other day. Regularly, she would have had 110 minutes in the same period,” said one parent.

“How do the districts around us, including private schools just 500 yards away, manage COVID and we’re giving it a fair shot?” Another said.

Rocky River started from virtual and moved to a hybrid model. The hybrid model will be maintained as long as Kaiyahoga County is at the deficit level of the Ohio Public Health Advisory System. It is the state’s color-coded map that determines the risk and exposure of the coronavirus.

“The reaction was welcomed. We want to do our best for our children, so we want to hear big opinions from parents and from the community,” said superintendent Michael Schoff. It was.

Mr. Schof said the decision was made based on the opinions of his parents.

“We plan to continue the hybrid model even if the county moves to purple risk levels,” says Shoaf.

But some parents said that wasn’t enough. They are worried that their children may be left behind.

“This year’s performance on the Rocky River is great, but what if you were educated by a quarter of your classmates in other districts?” Said one parent.

There is another school board scheduled for next Wednesday.

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