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Rodeo Cinema expansion to Film Row captures past, points to future – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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Oklahoma City (Free Press) — On Friday, Rodeo Cinema hosted the grand opening of its second theater at Paramount Building in historic Film Row near downtown Oklahoma City.

Offering free popcorn, free soda, and free coffee from the up-and-coming cafe on the second floor, you’ll have the opportunity to see the history of the ribbon-cutting movement of the local nonprofit Rodeo Cinema in a refurbished theater. did.


With Devraat Awasthi

Preservation and future use

The theater, now owned and operated by Rodeo Cinema, was a functional part of industrial film row decades ago.

The screening room at Oklahoma City’s Paramount Studio was in many of Film Row. They were used to allow theater representatives to preview the movies they had when considering what to rent.

The days when local buildings were needed to accommodate large film reels are over.

However, the property of the 60-seat intimate theater near downtown retains its historic significance, as the rest of the building is reused for a variety of purposes, preserving the value of the original space. doing.

Filmrow’s historical record is the main reason for buying a rodeo cinema.

Julia Wholeman, Executive Director of Rodeo Cinema, explains: , And this is the last such screening room in the country. ”

It is hindsight that people value the protection of important spaces, and Rodeo Cinema’s management of the Paramount screening room promises to serve all residents of Oklahoma City.

Significance of film row

Oklahoma film historian and Oklahoma City: Film Row, Oklahoma City had one of 37 “movie exchanges”. In these movie exchanges, the studio rented the movie to the theater. Oklahoma City represented all major film studios, with the exception of Walt Disney, which has not yet been launched.

These studios were the first fire-resistant buildings in Oklahoma City, Win explained.

The film reel contained a significant amount of nitrate. This is the same substance that has been reported to have blown up half of Beirut in Lebanon within a year. To avoid such cataclysms, the movie exchange took place in what was then a suburb of the town.

As trains were frequent, the oil boom wasn’t over, and studios were keen to establish distribution points to commercial hubs in Oklahoma City, where cinemas began to grow in all towns, especially Oklahoma City. Film Row quickly took shape.

Today, the screening room of the former Paramount Studio is the last movie exchange theater in the country.

According to Win, Film Row was later called “Skid Row” and is just like the ruined ruins. “People had to go to the freeway, so they drove through with their blindfolds on, right? And the idea was that if I didn’t see it, it wouldn’t exist. And I came down here. My horror at the time was that one day those blindfolds would be removed, and it didn’t. [exist].. ”

Many of Filmrow’s historic buildings were lost in urban redevelopment efforts focused on demolishing old buildings and replacing them with new ones. Paramount was saved only by the depletion of funds for dismantling in the late 70’s.

Next chapter

The next chapter in Oklahoma’s history is certain to be dominated by film plots, with major film studios taking off in Oklahoma.

Prairie surf mediaFounded by Hollywood veterans Rachel Cannon and Matt Payne, has already fascinated celebrities. Martin Scorsese is currently filming a $ 200 million piece in Pawhuska, Oklahoma, and Taika Waititi will be filming the first season of his next project. Reserved dog, From Prairie Surf.

Oklahoma City has also become a major filmmaker with an agreement between Prairie Surf and the City of Oklahoma City to convert downtown the former Cox Convention Center into five large clearspan studios by Prairie Surf. ..

Therefore, the new location for rodeo cinema is the right place at the right time.


Rodeo Cinema has big plans for new locations and has contacted tribal countries and Jewish federations to showcase important films from these communities.

“This space is open for the screening of movies. We want people to enjoy it and see the efforts we have made to make it this wonderful space right now,” said the energy of the organization. Hallman, who is promoting, said. Rodeo Cinema in the next chapter.

Wholeman is a recent graduate of Bryn Mawr, another young man who joined the workforce during a pandemic.

Her position at Rodeo Cinema highlights the work they are working on. Even when mainstream films are relaxing in Oklahoma City, places like Rodeo Cinema continue to commit to unique insights into Oklahoma films and Oklahoma history. Recently one of the few face-to-face venues for the deadCenter Film Festival, Rodeo Cinema could soon become a paradise for new talent in a silver-screened golden city.

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Rodeo Cinema expansion to Film Row captures past, points to future Source link Rodeo Cinema expansion to Film Row captures past, points to future

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