Rodney Reed evidentiary hearing: Day 2 – Riverside, California

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Reed, a convict on death row, was convicted in 1998 for the murder of Stacy Stites in Bastrop County in 1996.

Bastrop, Texas — Warning: This story contains words that are offensive to some people. We recommend the discretion of the viewer.

Rodney Reed’s preliminary hearing will continue on Tuesday at 9 am. KVUE’s Jenny Lee attends the hearing Tweet live updates..

In 1998, Reed, a convict on death row, was convicted of the 1996 kidnapping, rape, and murder of Stacy Stites.

Day 2 LiveUpdate:

10:43 am – Judge JD Langley was expelled from court after Rodney Reed’s brother Rodrick Reed asked the prosecutor how to sleep at night. Langley said he wasn’t here to be the referee between the gallery and the lawyer. Langley warned the gallery not to comment anymore.

Jenni Lee of KVUE confirmed that Roderick Reed was banned for the entire duration of the hearing.

10:10 am – Arthur Snow is the next witness to defense. Snow is a former prisoner of Fennell, and while serving with him, Snow believes how easily a man’s belt breaks when Fennell strangles “n —– beloved w —-“. He said he heard him say, “I don’t think so.”

Mr Snow said he provided this information because it was correct. It was at the expense of his marriage. Snow testified that his ex-wife was a member of Aryan Brotherhood. He said he had been a member for 20 years and is no longer a member.

Interrogating: Snow testified that Fennell approached Aryan Brotherhood for protection while in prison. Snow said Aryan Brotherhood provided protection. He said he didn’t know he was a policeman.

9:40 am – During the cross-examination, the state asked Clanpit if anyone at the funeral had heard what Fennell had said. The clan pit can’t remember the names of the people who attended. The state asked why Clanpit didn’t tell anyone. Mr. Cranpit said he only spoke to his wife and a few good friends.

The state went on to ask, but did it see the media that made you want to move the Fennell statement forward? Clanpit said so. The defense came back and asked if he was afraid of retaliation. Clanpit said no, he retired.

9:18 am – James Clanpit is the first witness on the defense side. A former Deputy Sheriff of Bastrop County testified that his fiancé Jimmy Fennell had obtained what he deserved during Stacy Stites’ funeral. Clanpit said it was the most shocking thing I’ve ever heard.

First day summary:

During ~ first day In a preliminary hearing, a defense, called a witness, said he would prove Reed’s innocence, including a forensic pathologist who disputed the time of Stites’ death.

Reed’s loved ones also filled many of the court seats on Monday. Some wore the same black and neon green shirts that said, “I’m standing with Rodney Reed.” It’s the same shirt that many people wore in the preliminary hearing two weeks ago.

Read more about what happened on Monday Please check this article again for updates.

Relation: Defense presents new evidence they say proves Rodney Reed’s innocence


Earlier this month, Reed Preliminary hearing In Bastrop County. Reed’s defense lawyer said there was new forensic evidence to present during the appeal hearing to prove his innocence.

The defense also said there was expert testimony that Stetes died earlier than originally thought and sperm could remain intact longer.

The appeals trial is expected to last for two weeks.

2019, lead Suspension of execution, Just a few days before his scheduled run date.The· Texas Criminal Appeals Court Granted on the basis of potentially hidden information, false testimony, and the possibility that he was innocent.

His case received national attention in 2019 after a celebrity. Including Beyonce and Kim Kardashian, Raised to stop his execution.

Stites was killed in 1996, a few days before the wedding. Her body was found along a highway in Bastrop County, and authorities arrested Reed after his DNA matched the DNA found in her body.

Reed claimed he was innocent and said he and Stites had an agreed relationship.

KVUE Podcast Let’s take a look at the lead case in 2019. Listen here..

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