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Roe v Wade: 26 US states most likely to ban abortion as much as possible

After the US Supreme Court’s ruling to overturn the Roe v. Wade case, the ban on abortion, such as in Louisiana and Tennessee, does not include exceptions for rape and incest.


June 27, 2022

Protesters will meet outside the US Supreme Court on June 24, in response to a decision to overturn the Roe v. Wade case.

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Abortion is most of the situation in more than half of the U.S. states following the Supreme Court’s decision on June 24 to abolish the Roe v. Wade case, a groundbreaking 1973 ruling that protected the right to abortion. It will be outlawed below.US President Joe Biden Called a decision “The Supreme Court realizes extreme ideology and tragic mistakes.”

The decision was predicted when the leaked draft was released in May. Following an official court ruling, protests took place in Washington, DC and across the United States.

The abolition was based on the Dobbs-Jackson case, which challenges Mississippi’s ban on abortion, and was upheld by a 6-3 vote by a Supreme Court judge. They then voted 5-4, overturning the Roe v. Wade case. Writing for the majority opinion, Judge Samuel Alito said: “The Constitution does not prohibit citizens of each state from regulating or banning abortion.”

It is up to each state to decide. Thirteen states have so-called trigger legislation that bans procedures if the Roe v. Wade case is overturned. In some states this is already in effect, but in others it will be enacted in 30 days or approved by the authorities. In some other states, there are abortion restrictions that were in force before 1973 and may now be in force.

“Without Roe, it is certain or likely that 26 states will ban abortion as much as possible,” he said. Herminia Palacio At the Guttmacher Institute, a reproductive rights research group statement..

In opposite opinionJudges Elena Kagan, Sonia Sotomayor and Stephen Breyer wrote:

In their opinion, this decision undermines physical independence. “From the moment of fertilization, women have no right to speak.”

The 13 states with a trigger law banning abortion We allow exceptions to save the lives of pregnant people, but in most cases do not include exceptions to rape or incest.

A Survey conducted by Pew Research Center in March 2022 It turns out that 61% of people in the United States say that abortion should be legal in all or most situations. In most or all cases, 46% of those who say that abortion should violate the law say that exceptions should be made if women’s health or life is at stake.

“Abortion is still available in almost half of the country and we need to make sure that patients are aware of it,” says Gabriella Aguilar, a New York doctor who specializes in obstetrics and gynecology. “There was a patient who came to our clinic from Florida today. When she was taken to the operating room and fell asleep, she expressed fear and panic. She was notified of the decision and received a decision. Indignant, she asked if she could still do her steps. “

According to Aguilar, there are doctors and organizations dedicated to taking people to states where abortion is still legal and providing medicines for self-managed abortion. “We are devastated and disappointed, but we will do our best.”

In response to a historic ruling, US Attorney General Merrick Garland Said in a statement It is legal to cross state boundaries to have an abortion, as well as the ability of people and organizations to inform and advise others on assisted reproductive technology available in other states.

He also said that commonly used medicines for self-administered abortion are still legal. ” [US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)] Approved the use of the drug mifepristone. The state cannot ban mifepristone on the basis of discrepancies with FDA expert judgments regarding its safety and efficacy. In December, the FDA permanently approved access to Mifepristone by mail and telemedicine appointments.

The abolition of the Roe v. Wade case occurs during periods of high abortion rates in the United States. Guttmacher Institute discovered it in 2020 U.S. abortion rate increased for the first time in 30 years, About 930,000 abortions that year. “More than one-third of these abortions were obtained in states where it is now certain or likely to ban abortions,” said Palacio.

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Roe v Wade: 26 US states most likely to ban abortion as much as possible

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