Roe v. Wade overturned by Supreme Court, ending federal abortion rights

supreme court With a 6-3 decision On Friday, the Roe v. Wade case, a groundbreaking decision that established the constitutional right to abortion in the United States in 1973, was overturned.

The court’s controversial ruling empowers each state to set its own abortion law without fear of rebelling against Roe, who allowed abortion during the first two semesters of pregnancy. Give.

Almost half of the states are expected to outlaw or severely limit abortion as a result of the Supreme Court’s ruling relating to the highly restrictive new Mississippi abortion law.

Other states plan to maintain more liberal rules governing the end of pregnancy.

Proponents of the right to abortion immediately condemned the decision, and opponents of abortion praised the decision they had long wanted.

As expected, Judge Samuel Alito wrote: The majority opinion that threw Roe Similar to the 1992 Supreme Court’s decision to uphold the right to abortion in a case known as Planned Parent-Child Relationship vs. Casey.

Arito was joined by five other conservatives in the High Court, including Judge John Roberts, who had long been suspected of supporting the overthrow of Law.

Three liberal judges in the court disagreed with the ruling and immediately attracted protesters to the Supreme Court building at Capitol Hill, Washington, DC.

“We think Law and Casey must be rejected,” Arito wrote.

“The Constitution does not mention abortion, and such rights are not implicitly protected by any Constitutional provisions, including those on which Law and Casey’s defenders currently rely primarily on-. The 14th Amendment Due Process Clause, “written Arito.

“The provisions are retained to guarantee some rights not stated in the Constitution, but all such rights are” deeply rooted in the history and traditions of this country “,” orderly freedom. ” Must be “implicit in the concept”.

“It’s time to pay attention to the Constitution and return the abortion issue to elected representatives of the people,” Arito wrote.

In their joint objection, a liberal judge in court said, “The majority do not believe that forced childbirth means women’s right to equality and freedom, so the majority ban the state from abortion. I will allow it. “

Opposition from Stephen Breyer, Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan said, “Today’s courts believe that there is nothing constitutionally important for women to control their bodies and follow the path of life. I have. “

“The state can force her to mature her pregnancy, even at the highest personal and family costs.”

Prolife protesters march in front of the Supreme Court Building on June 13, 2022, in a ruling that could overturn the Roe v. Wade case in Washington, DC.

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The incident that caused Law’s death almost half a century later, known as the Dobbs vs. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, is related to Mississippi law banning almost all abortions 15 weeks after pregnancy.

Dobbs was by far the most important and controversial controversy of the court’s term. It also reaffirmed Roe by the Supreme Court, Planned Parenthood v. Since Casey, it poses the most serious threat to the right to abortion.

Dobbs deepened the partisan division in an era of already fierce political tribalism.

Early May Leakage of majority draftCompletely overturned Roe, sent a shock wave nationwide, and energized activists on both sides of the debate. It also cast a predicament on the Supreme Court of the country, which immediately began an investigation to find the cause of the leak.

The publication of a draft court opinion written by Arito resents how the decision affects both patients and healthcare providers, as 22 states are preparing to limit or ban abortion altogether. And caused protests from feared abortion supporters.

The leaked opinion was a major victory for conservative and anti-abortion supporters who had worked for decades to undermine Law and Casey. The majority of Americans Keep in place.

But Washington Republicans, hoping to win a big win in the November midterm elections, initially focused more on the leak itself than it revealed. They also blamed protests formed outside the homes of some conservative judges, and accused activists of trying to intimidate the court.

An unprecedented leak of Arito’s draft opinion pierced a secret cloak that would normally cover the internal affairs of the court. It has been scrutinized by court critics. Many of them were already concerned about the politicization of the country’s most powerful deliberative body, in which judges were appointed for life.

Roberts vowed that the court’s work would be “unaffected in any way” by the leak he described as a “betrayal” intended to “impair the integrity of our business.”

But the leak clearly had an impact. Later, tall fencing was set up around the court building, and Attorney General Merrick Garland instructed the Marshals to “help ensure the safety of judges.”

In his first reported statement since Leak, Arito spoke to a crowd attending the Antonin Scalia Law School forum at George Mason University, away from the court building, rather than traveling six miles to school. .. The Washington Post reported When asked how he and the other judges were holding up during the event, Arito said, “This is the subject I told myself I’m not going to talk about today, you know- Given all the circumstances. “

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Roe v. Wade overturned by Supreme Court, ending federal abortion rights

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