Roe v. Wade: Senator says Trump Supreme Court candidates misunderstood them | Roe v. Wade

When the Supreme Court decided to overturn the Roe v. Wade case on Friday, several senators who recently approved the judge responsible for the decision said they felt fooled.These politicians pointed out earlier statements from Trump’s appointees. Brett Kavanaugh And Neil Gorsuch; both male judges insisted that they would not overturn Roe.

“I feel misunderstood,” Maine Senator Susan Collins. Said The New York Times. At a long meeting on August 21, 2018, the Republicans reportedly burned Kavanaugh and explained why they could be trusted not to overthrow Rho.

“Start with my records, respect for precedent, my belief that it is rooted in the Constitution, and my commitment and its importance to the rule of law,” according to notes taken by “multiple” staff at the conference. , Kavanaugh replied. The Times said. “I understand the precedent and the importance of overturning it.”

“Roe is 45 years old and has been reaffirmed many times and many care a lot about it. I tried to prove that I understand the results in the real world,” according to these notes. Kavanaugh elaborated and insisted, “I’m not a ship-shaking judge. I believe in stability and the Team of Nine.”

“This decision contradicts what Judge Gorsuch and Judge Kavanaugh said in the testimony and the meeting with me. They argued the importance of supporting the long-standing case that the country had relied on. Was. “Collins Said In the statement.

West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin, the only Democrat in support of Kavanaugh, expressed similar feelings. “I trusted them when Judge Gorsuch and Judge Kavanaugh testified that they also believed under the oath. Roe v. Wade I’m wary that the case has settled and they chose to reject the stability that the case brought to two generations of Americans, “the Times said.

Senator expressed similar surprises after Politico Release The leaked draft of this opinion on May 2nd. Among them was Lisa Murkowski, a Republican Senator from Alaska. She opposed Kavanaugh, but she voted “courtesy” and “current” to Montana Senator Steve Daines. Steve Daines supported him, but couldn’t vote because he was attending his daughter’s wedding. NBC News..

Murkowski voted to identify Gorsuch and Amy Coney Barrett, another Trump appointed man who overthrows Law.Following Politico’s report, NBC News report “My confidence in court is shaking,” Murkowski said.

“If the decision was going on as the draft revealed was, it wasn’t. It was a precedent for Roe to be resolved,” Murkowski said.

Roe v. Wade: Senator says Trump Supreme Court candidates misunderstood them | Roe v. Wade

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