Romney calls Trump’s efforts to overturn election ‘undemocratic,’ Sasse slams Giuliani presser – Tampa, Florida

Tampa, Florida 2020-11-20 07:44:06 –

Two moderate Republican members have scrutinized President Donald Trump’s ongoing attempts to challenge the outcome of Thursday’s 2020 elections.

After the day Trump personally opened a courtroom in Michigan’s state electoral authorities and saw a long and barbaric press conference from his private lawyers, Senator Mitt Romney (Republican) and Bensus (Republican Nebraska). Allegations of widespread voter fraud, each issuing a statement criticizing the president’s continued groundlessness.

Late Thursday night, Romney issued a statement on Twitter condemning Trump. He personally calls Republican campaigners in Michigan to overturn their own decision to prove the outcome of the elections in Wayne County.

“Because we couldn’t even prove the plausible cause of widespread fraud and conspiracy in court, the president is now putting clear pressure on state and local authorities to overturn the will of the people and overturn elections,” Romney said. “. “It’s hard to imagine worse, undemocratic behavior by a sitting US president.”

Sas then spoke to reporters at Capitol Hill, where Trump’s private attorney Rudy Giuliani continued to disseminate false information and collaborate with several city officials to “steal” elections. He criticized a long Thursday press conference that made unfounded claims about.

“Wild press conferences undermine public confidence, so obviously Rudy and his associates should not pressure electors to ignore the obligation to certify under the law. We are a country of law. It’s not a tweet, “Sasse said.

Romney and Sus remain Republican minorities — most GOP lawmakers openly endorse Trump’s challenge or remain silent. But their comments are one of the sharpest of the slow-growing moderate choruses that admitted Joe Biden as presidential election, urged the start of the transition process, or urged Trump to approve the race. It is one.

Both Romney and Sus have collided with Trump in the past. Romney was the only Republican senator to break the party’s boundaries to vote for Mr. Trump’s dismissal in the impeachment trial earlier this year. Prior to the election, Sasse accused Trump on the phone with the members, claiming that the president had “flirted with the white supremacist” and that he had “kissed the dictator’s ass.”

Romney calls Trump’s efforts to overturn election ‘undemocratic,’ Sasse slams Giuliani presser Source link Romney calls Trump’s efforts to overturn election ‘undemocratic,’ Sasse slams Giuliani presser

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