Roof Work Underway at Febrey-Lothrop House – Arlington, Texas

Arlington, Texas 2021-01-15 14:35:52 –

Workers are removing shingles on the roof from the Febrey-Lothrop family in Dominion Hills.

The 114-year-old house, which conservationists are trying to save against the wishes of its current owner, is currently pending a demolition permit application in the county after the sewerage permit was approved.

A dismantling permit has not yet been issued, but preparatory work was underway this afternoon. Workers wearing full protective clothing and ventilation were found removing shingles on the roof (potentially asbestos shingles).

It warned among some local conservationists who wanted to put pressure on the county to somehow stop the demolition. Online petitions seeking dismantling permits are currently signed up to about 875, despite county officials suggesting that all paperwork would be illegal if all paperwork went smoothly.

The house is located on more than 9 acres of land recently owned by sportsman Randy Rouse, who died in 2017. Local activists say the Arlington authorities do not have large, open, privately owned plots in the county — buying real estate, preserving homes, remaining real estate parks and other public uses. That is a “generational” opportunity.

The county is set up to investigate the property to determine if it should be given a historic district designation to limit changes, but the owner has a demolition project before it is implemented. It seems to be proceeding.

The accountant representing the trust that owns the property did not respond to a previous request for comment from ARLnow.

Roof Work Underway at Febrey-Lothrop House Source link Roof Work Underway at Febrey-Lothrop House

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