Rosemount tips Centennial in 4A semis – Twin Cities

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Rosemount is a veteran and savvy. In all pre-match games, the locker room is run by an Irish player. The coach is not involved either.

That can happen when the team is full of leadership and experience.

Both features were shining brightly at the Target Center on Wednesday night.

The Irish came up with some big plays to beat Centennial 40-33 at the end of the second half of the low score and advance to the Class 4A state title game.

Rosemount (20-3) will face Chaska at the Target Center at 8 pm on Friday. The Irish knocked off second-placed Farmington in the quarter-finals, and Chaska (17-0) confused top-ranked Hopkins in the other semi-finals on Wednesday.

One of the two programs will appear in the title of the first state. Friday marks the arrival of Ireland’s second title game. The first was 1988.

“I couldn’t be more proud of these girls, the efforts they made, and everything they sacrificed,” said Rosemount coach Chris Or. “The support from our community is great and I think it’s a big part. The girls understand it and do it. It’s our glorious moment and we remember here every day. I’m just making. ”

It’s no exaggeration to say that Rosemount won an ugly victory on Wednesday. Ireland led 27-25 in half-time, but scored only 21 points in the second half of the defensive battle.

It was not surprising that Ol, who joked with his players and friends before the match, joked that the contest could be “40 wins from the beginning.”

“And hey, we got 40. It worked,” he said. “It will always be our MO. We are not going to be the most beautiful, flashy and top scoring team, but we will do our best and play a great team defense.” I was going to score just enough to finish, and we did it tonight. ”

The Irish scored at the right time. When the bucket was as valuable as gold, he led in 1 minute and 45 seconds, and Rosemount played “bread and butter” from the timeout. Helen Staley lifted the ball up and hit Alexa Ratzlaff at the backdoor. Cut it.

Easy money.

“They’ve been doing that for three or four years, and it’s usually suitable for one or two games,” Orr said. “We usually save it for big moments, and I don’t think there was a bigger moment tonight.”

Upon entering the game, Orr felt that Rosemount and Centennial (21-2) were “very similar.” The two were about equal for most of the night. The cougar was not fully utilized when the opportunity emerged.

Dragging at 3 in 30 seconds to play, Cougar forced a Rosemount turnover and reversed it for an open layup that had just rolled an iron. The Irish acquired ownership through a jump ball and were soon called a timeout.

From the break, Taya Renders recorded a layup after Rosemount broke the Centennial press. Eight seconds later, she charged the other end, essentially sealing the game.

The Irish were not nervous about the offensive struggle in the second half, when neither team was able to drop a shot. Rosemount was 4 to 15 in the second half and Centennial was 1 to 22. Oh said his team “had some of those episodes this year.”

“We thought it looked pretty good, they just didn’t fall,” Orr said. “When that happens, it can be contagious, the game harder, and everything else expands, but you have control over the defense. Both teams continued to defend, but our credit is I continued D-ing and got enough rebounds. ”

Rosemount tips Centennial in 4A semis – Twin Cities Source link Rosemount tips Centennial in 4A semis – Twin Cities

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