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Sacramento, California 2020-10-16 20:35:35 –

ROSEVILLE (CBS13) — 10-year-old Vincent Dimos was thrown more curve balls than many would get in a lifetime.

He lost his parents, struggled with health problems, and is now living a pandemic, but found a local male hero who motivated students throughout Northern California.

Born of a rare genetic disease, Dimos has been in and out of the hospital. By the time he was five, both parents had died. Today, pandemics make things even more difficult.

“If your blood sugar is really high and you’re sky high, you have to do something about it, grandma?” Dimos said.

He told CBS13 that the pandemic was pretty sad. That’s until he finds a motivational speaker sumikader on the circuit of his hero, Sami.

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“He’s the cool guy I remember. He’s the best guy in the world,” Dimos said. “He only removes that negative voice from me. I had that negative voice long enough.”

Cader usually visits dozens of schools in Northern California to open up children, but COVID-19 closes everything. According to his own mantra, Cader did not give up. He started sending video motivational training to school.

“It’s the best gift anyone can give to one of my little kids around the world,” said Vincent teacher Ali Rumsey.

“Whatever I can do to give them a positive word, a positive voice they will never forget, I will do it,” Kader said.

The result was that CBS13 was there at an even more magical moment when Dimos met his hero face-to-face, while the boy’s eyes were brightened in Cader’s video.

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“What does Sami stand for?” Cader asked Vincent. All at once, they said, “Effort, achievement, motivation, and inspiration.”

“He had something to do with me and showed us all some power,” Dimos said.

Kader is now offering his motivational training videos to homeschoolers and individual families, hoping to reach more young people during a pandemic.

See the Sami’s Circuit website for more information.

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