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Denver, Colorado 2021-10-25 14:56:57 –

Our republic, the longest-established democracy in the world, is backed by a system of careful checking and balance. The delicate equivalence maintained by both the co-operation of separate branches of the government and the deliberate distinction of administrative jurisdiction. Local controls refrain from state rights issues, from cannabis legalization to infrastructure redevelopment.

You should always be careful about ruthless steps from state and federal agencies. It’s like a federal withholding of tens of millions of dollars.

In a letter sent on October 20, Shoshana Lew, Managing Director of the Colorado Department of Transportation, was not allowed her office to direct and invalidate the decisions of the District Transport Bureau’s board of directors. If so, CDOT has declared that it will withhold federal funding. The will of the voters who gave us our authority. The money in question was the non-obligatory dollars distributed by the Biden administration’s US rescue program and the Federal Public Transport Authority, and most of our country was told to evacuate in place during the rise in COVID. It is especially there to facilitate mass transit in urban corridors through the reduction in ridership that occurred later-19.

Unelected political appointees who essentially hold US federal funds for ransom are allowed to demand that decisions be made promptly without public opinion, as the process requires. Should not be. This is a failure of regionalism, a fine example of trivial regionalism, and a lack of leadership.

Director Liu, appointed by Governor Jared Polis, independently and effectively makes decisions on major route and service changes without the opportunity to benefit from public comments. In the process, she also hints at a completely unfounded and insulting failure on behalf of the Transport Safety Board.

We are a struggling agency and are working to maintain enough operators to perform our current services. Liu is preventing the RTD from being rescued. As Congress intended, she used her position of power to withhold the lifelines we urgently needed.

Her letter claims that CDOT directs service lines, all in Boulder and Longmont, to which 100% of the $ 34 million Federal COVID Relief Fund is directed. Their actions are aimed at maintaining “essential access to opportunities for low-income earners, minorities, and other disadvantaged people.” It’s an important goal, and it’s the goal that RTD has focused on our decisions since I took the lead on the board.

“RTD has come a long way towards fairness in making reductions in the pandemic era,” Denverite said in April. This is because our decision is rooted in community feedback and facilitates conversations with previously excluded groups, the black and brown of our city. , And an uncontained population.

Low-income routes are 13% less than high-income routes, compared to an average 31% reduction in services, and black and brown passenger-dominated routes are 29% less than other routes. It was a small reduction. He said it was released in April. These statistics continue to improve and are left to make our own decisions about the equitable payment of these federal funds. The board can certainly continue our established success.

Issuing this letter in the middle of the week, demanding compliance by the end of the week, is a conscience, especially after months of shared despair (sneaking up over the years) that the pandemic left for our people. Not the target. These exact same people rely on our services to survive. Liu’s condition hurts our community, hurts our staff, and hurts our ability to work together.

Our responsibility as elected representatives is through the lens of impartiality to ensure that we act on behalf of our members and that our decisions and thoughts are guided by those beliefs. .. Move people. We connect communities and serve those who need them. Employees, parents and teachers all rely on our services. The requirement for operators to work six days each week to respect Liu’s demands is based on informed opinion and lacks important expertise to understand its implications.

RTD shouldn’t allow unelected CDOT official withhold federal funds Source link RTD shouldn’t allow unelected CDOT official withhold federal funds

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