Rudolph Giuliani has suspended law practice due to Trump’s statement

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, a private lawyer for US President Donald Trump, will speak in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on November 7, 2020.

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Thursday New York Court Rudolph Giuliani Stops Legal Affairs in New York Because he made “false misleading statements” about the defeat of the former president in the election Donald Trump, His client.

The immediate suspension is a surprising blow to Giuliani. Former Mayor of New York, formerly Chief Executive Officer of the Department of Justice and Federal Attorney for Manhattan.

It also happens when Giuliani is under investigation. By the same Federal Prosecution Service in Manhattan in connection with his work in Ukraine.

Giuliani and Trump have made false claims since last November About the legitimacy of the presidential election Joe Biden, Trump claims to have been fooled from victory only by widespread voting scams in major swing states.

Giuliani’s suspension, ordered the day before his 52nd anniversary as a licensed lawyer in New York, was sought by the Lawyer Complaints Committee of the First Judiciary Department, including Manhattan and Bronx.

After the 2020 election, by the appeals department of the same department of the State Supreme Court, which rejected Giuliani’s allegation that an investigation into his conduct while representing Trump violated his first amendment to freedom of speech. The suspension was approved.

The court said in a suspension order on page 33, “Temporary suspension is a serious remedy and is only available in situations where immediate protection of the public from violations of the rules of professional conduct by lawyers is needed.” ..

“We conclude that there is indisputable evidence. The respondent communicated apparently false and misleading statements to courts, lawmakers, and the general public. Most of the Trump campaigns related to his ability as a lawyer for former President Donald J. Trump and Trump’s unsuccessful efforts in the 2020 reelection. “

The court also made false statements to improperly support the respondent’s explanation that Giuliani’s “electoral fraud was widespread and his client stole the victory in the 2020 US presidential election.” “.

“We conclude that the defendant’s actions immediately threaten the public interest and justify a temporary suspension of legal affairs while awaiting further proceedings at the Lawyer Complaints Committee.”

One example cited by the order was Giuliani’s recurring allegations to undermine the credibility of the election results that “the’dead people’ voted in Philadelphia.”

Giuliani claimed that ballots for 8,021 dead were cast at various times, “reporting that number was also 30,000.”

“As an anecdotal poster child to prove this, he continued to vote for years after the death of renowned heavyweight boxer Joe Frazier, and on November 7, 2020,” he still voted here. “I’m doing it,” he said repeatedly. “

In fact, the order said, “The official records submitted in this motion clearly show that the respondents’ statements are false. The official records are three months after Mr. Frazier’s death in Pennsylvania. It indicates that he officially revoked his voting qualifications later on February 8, 2012. “

Giuliani’s suspension is temporary and will continue until the result of a complete formal disciplinary action.

His lawyers, John Revensal and Barry Kamins, said in a statement, “Before a hearing on the alleged issue, we went to the Appeals Department, the first part of the decision to suspend Mayor Giuliani. I’m disappointed. “

“This is unprecedented because we believe our clients do not pose a current danger to the public interest,” said a statement by a lawyer, both retired judges. .. “Once the issue is fully investigated at the hearing, Giuliani is revived as a valuable member of the legal profession and believes he has performed many duties over the years.”

New York State Senator Brad Hoylman, D-Manhattan, who has filed a complaint with the Lawyer Complaints Commission about Giuliani’s actions, said he was “happy” about the suspension.

“The legal profession is a sacred and noble profession,” Wheelman said in a statement. “And there can be no profession for those who try to undermine and revoke the rule of law, as Rudolph Giuliani did so badly.”

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Rudolph Giuliani has suspended law practice due to Trump’s statement

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