Rule violations at Dutch bars become an issue as Covid rates skyrocket

Students cheer on the terrace of a cafe in Amsterdam on June 25, 2021 when the Netherlands relaxes Covid-19 restrictions.

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Violations of rules in Dutch cafes and bars are a permanent issue that the hospitality industry must address, the country’s prime minister said the country will fight the surge in Covid-19 infections.

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte called on the industry on Monday to comply with social distance rules and stay in assigned seats, adding that this is important given the high numbers of infections.

“When it comes to the hospitality industry, it’s working in many places, but I’d like to point out that it’s not working in too many places. That’s very important.” Rutte said at a short press conference on Monday afternoon..

Rutte said police could not monitor tens of thousands of bars, cafes and restaurants in the Netherlands to ensure compliance with social distance and seating customer rules. “With the current number of infections, no special measures need to be taken,” he added.

Not enough social distance

Rutte’s comment comes when the Netherlands is scrambling primarily to contain the outbreak of Covid infections among young people. In an optimistic view of the vaccination program The Dutch government announced that most restrictions would be lifted in late JuneApart from the rule of social distance of 1.5 meters, the nightclub is allowed to reopen.

The number of incidents began to surge immediately, but on July 10, it surged eight-fold in just one week to about 10,000, and the government made a U-turn. We apologize for Rutte’s removal of the restrictions too soon.

Government acknowledged “The Dutch coronavirus infection rate has increased much faster than expected since society resumed almost completely on June 26,” he said. “Most infectious diseases occur at nightlife venues and crowded parties,” he said, forcing the nightclub to close again on July 10.

Bars, restaurants and cafes are open and can operate at 100% capacity, but there are strict rules.

Unless sanitary screens are placed between the tables, people are assigned seats and need to keep a distance of 1.5 meters when sitting inside. For outdoor services, no social distance is required. Entertainment such as live performances and TV screens is not permitted and loud music cannot be played. Government rules say.. The venue must close at midnight.

Coen Berends, a spokesman for the National Institute for Public Health and Environment, told CNBC on Tuesday that “it is impossible to calculate the impact of this’rule violation'” at bars, cafes and restaurants.

“In general, you can also model the impact of applied rules and the impact without rules. These models predict the impact of the entire major package, but with different rules and compliance. Lack is indistinguishable. Specific rules In general, our management outbreak team has rules regarding social distance and sitting in assigned seats in bars and restaurants to reduce the spread of the virus. Therefore, not following these rules may definitely help. Viruses. “

“But we don’t know the extent of this impact. There is certainly no significant impact of opening a club or hosting a major event a few weeks ago. Currently, the number of positive tests is stable. You can see that the latest government measures seem to be successful, but we need to see how they work. [the] Number of hospitalizations. “

Infection is increasing

The Netherlands is certainly still in a difficult position when it comes to Covid infections, just below the UK in terms of high prevalence in Europe, but even behind when it comes to vaccination. In the UK, 68.5% of adults are fully vaccinated, while in the Netherlands, just over 50%. This is shown by the latest data available.

On Monday, Jaap van Dissel, chair of the government’s outbreak control team and director of the Center for Infectious Disease Control, warned on the last seven calendar days (measured from 9th to 15th July): Reported number of Covid-positive individuals has increased by 298% compared to the last 7 days..

“Since the relaxation of measures on June 26, the number of infected people aged 18-29 has increased significantly,” Van Dissell said in an open letter to the State’s director of public health. He said it was too early to know what the impact of strengthening measures would be.

On Monday, Health Minister Hu Ge de Jongge expressed hope that the case would stabilize and begin to decline. De Jongge spoke to Rutte on Monday, saying, “In the past week … the number of positive tests has been stable, which means that growth hasn’t continued. I think it’s positive.” I did.

“At the same time, the number of positive test results at this level has been around 10,000 per day in the past week, but of course it’s too much and of course needs to be reduced.”

He said the country must work hard to reduce the number of infections and repeated Rutte’s call to adhere to the rule of social distance of 1.5 meters. For the time being, we really need 1.5 meters of space to ensure control of the epidemic. “

Rule violations at Dutch bars become an issue as Covid rates skyrocket

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