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Mark Stockamp will run 62 miles and raise money for LLS

Mark Stockamp in an undated courtesy photo from his website

PORTLAND, Ore, (KOIN) — Mark Stockamp loves the outdoors and loves to run. He’s combined the two to raise thousands of dollars for several non-profits over the years, including one that’s close to his heart — the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

“There’s a lot of awesome research that’s being funded through the LLS right now,” Stockamp told KOIN 6 News. “They’re getting closer to finding cures, they’re funding studies and it’s just a cool community that I have a passion for.”

For his latest fundraiser he plans to run 62 miles near Bend next weekend to raise money for LLS with a $10,000 goal. He delayed his run by two weeks because of the wildfires.

“I couldn’t do any training for 8 days, so it was a hard time but a good time to reflect, think of what all this means to me, running 100 kilometers fundraising for LLS.”

Stockamp said thinking about helping those living with blood cancer is what fuels him to run some incredible distances on remote trails.

“For me if running these distances I can create comfort for them and help them with their situations and improve their lifestyles, why not?” he said. “I’m going to be running anyway so why not create good from it.?”

Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

Mark Stockamp’s 62 mile run for LLS

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