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Pittsburgh (KDKA) — In 2017, at just 10 years old, Mary Claire Friedle died suddenly. When her family sought help, they realized that Pittsburgh did not have a center specially designed to help their parents’ grief.

On Saturday, the Mary Claire Foundation held a 5K fundraising campaign.

“Mary was the kindest child you’ve ever met,” said Mary’s aunt Amber Nene Bajasa Rain.

“Mary was a vulnerable champion. When she saw a child sitting alone at school, she made friends with her and made her mission to take them under her wings.”

The 10-year-old died in 2017 after a short illness.

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Nehnevajsa-Raine says it was a tragic loss for the family.

“It was completely unexpected and took our family to a path of sorrow that we didn’t expect to go,” said Nehnevajsa-Raine.

But now they are trying to turn that pain into a goal through the Mary Claire Foundation.

The organizer held the second “Living A Little Mary-er 5K” in North Park to raise awareness and money.

Their goal is to create a healing center in the Pittsburgh area to mourn the parents who lost their children.

Mary’s mother, Jamie, says she lacks the resources to help her parents heal.

“We hope we can offer scholarships to our sad parents, send them to retreats, and begin some of the healing processes associated with grief,” said Neuhnevajsa-Raine.

She says community support helped them achieve their mission, and donations at this year’s race exceeded donations from 2019.

“We have had an amazing response from our community,” said Nehnevajsa-Raine. “We really live in the best community ever.”

“It feels good to get people together to support Jamie and her family,” said Tiffany Stucky, who participated in the race. “To see her journey and her progress from the loss she is dealing with, she is a rock star and she is a superstar. I will do whatever I can to support her.”

I hope the steps taken will help others deal with — the kind actions Mary would have done.

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