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Anthony Bourdain never said he was the greatest chef in the world, but almost overnight he became one of the most famous chefs in the world. Documentary by Oscar-winning director Morgan Neville, Roadrunner: A movie about Anthony Bourdein, Interviews, extensive home videos, outtakes from “Parts Unknown”, and various shows on Food Network and Travel Channel. Bodin ate the world three times, discovering the Earth as a “tourist, not a tourist” and perhaps discovering something disappointing about himself.

In 2018, Bodin shocked his fans when he died, but I get the impression that he wasn’t surprised to see his future at the bottom of the tea leaves and Demitasse cups.

Bodin’s persona was never far from the man’s truth, which was part of his charm. He was handsome, funny, interested in everything, and a romantic cynic (not sarcastic romantic).With the audio snippet I heard in Road runner (Or was it generated by AI?), He explained, “I was very lucky.” Dishwashing led to restaurant cooking, which became the chef of Lehall in Manhattan. A vibrant and descriptive email to a friend visiting Tokyo led to a book deal. Kitchen Confidential (2000) became a bestseller and led to David Letterman and Oprah. Then he was offered a series, and others, and traveled around the world to eat local food-some of which are rare by American standards (yes, he swallowed cobra meat like an oyster). It is).

But Bodin wasn’t as interested in eating snakes as he understood the people who eat snakes. He wasn’t an off-road backpacker who unleashed his preconceptions wherever he went, but a great travel narrator whose empathy might have burned him down. He was in Beirut under the Israeli air raid (2006) and in Haiti after the earthquake (2010). Unlike most travel and food show hosts, Bourdain was hipster. When he traveled to Armenia (2018), he shared his meal with Serj Tankian of the System of a Down.

Baudin’s celebrity was both a blessing and a curse as he continued to think of ways to stay real while being chased by the camera. His first marriage (with his high school lover) expired while he was on the road, and his second short marriage burned like a supernova before it got dark. When he was young, Bodin was addicted to heroin. “I was missing something,” he admitted.One of the interviewed friends Road runner He added that his addiction jumped from one to the other.

It was as if Bodin needed an obsession — and in turn was fed up with each one. “There was nothing in his world forever,” a friend explained. It won’t last forever, but he left a series of wise observations about the world around us.

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David Luhrssen spoke at UWM and MIAD. He is the author of the Vietnam War movie, the Classic Rock Encyclopedia, the Hammer of the Gods: The Thule Society and the Birth of Nazism.

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