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Bakersfield, California 2021-10-26 21:00:00 –

Demonstrators with recent studies showing the harmful health effects of ambient exposure to pesticides gathered outside the Kerns County Administration Building on Tuesday to plan local farmers to treat their crops with dangerous chemicals. He urged a supervisory board to help break the deadlock that prevented the announcement.

Fifteen activists, some based in the Center for Race, Poverty and the Environment, and others in Ventura County affiliates for pesticide reform in California, have joined the Shuffter Group for a pilot project to disseminate plans for nearby farmers. I asked the board to support the bid. Use certain toxic pesticides.

A group of predominantly local residents did not explicitly call on the board to take action against the county’s Ag Commissioner Glenn Fankhauser, whose proposal for a more limited notification system was rejected by the Shuffter Group.

Funkhouser’s refusal to submit farmers’ notices is also in conflict with state officials who responded with plans to launch pesticide notices throughout the state.

Some of the shuffter groups have called for Funkhouser’s dismissal in the past, but Tuesday’s comment provided unspecified support to the board to assist in their push for local notice prior to state-wide rules. Was more appreciated because it asked to provide.

“We want everything to be transparent,” Rufina Solano, a member of the Ventura County Union advocating for pesticide safety, told reporters. She added that people living near farms and orchards are physically paying for the pesticide use of farmers.

Gustavo Aguirre Sr., director of CRPE organization, said the notice would help residents of the Shuffter area close windows and know when to bring their children indoors, adding that “community homes contain pesticides.” ..

Funkhouser denies that the Shuffter Group’s proposed notifications would serve in the manner Aguile proposed, supported by local farmers who are worried about outside activists using notification data against them. Did. The commissioner told the supervisory board earlier this year that farmers’ notices of intent to apply pesticides were too common to use to accurately predict when chemical treatments would take place.

The demonstrators of the two studies mentioned on Tuesday linked childhood cancer to exposure to specific prenatal pesticides.

The first study, published last year in the International Journal of Hygiene and Environmental Health, found that mothers of acute myeloid leukemia in people who live near the use of pesticides such as diuron, phosmet, and cresoximemethyl, or as children. Propanil turned out to be at high risk.

The second peer-reviewed study was published in the journal Environmental Research in June. It concluded that perimeter exposure to certain pesticides during pregnancy in a woman could increase her child’s risk of developing cancer. Among the chemicals that researchers have associated with cancer risk were bromacil, thiophanate-methyl, trifolin, chlorotalonil, propiconazole, dimethoate, and linurone.

Rural activists ask for county supervisors’ support in push for pesticide notifications | News Source link Rural activists ask for county supervisors’ support in push for pesticide notifications | News

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