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Rural county tears Nevada ‘Innovation Zones’ plan to pieces | News – Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada 2021-09-22 00:30:00 –

Carson City, Nevada (AP) —The first public opportunity to raise concerns about a proposal to force technology companies that meet specific requirements to create a semi-autonomous jurisdiction called the Innovation Zone, Story County officials said the idea. Are lined up in a row. -Line fashion.

They questioned the company’s motivation to break away from its control.

Story County Commissioner Clay Mitchell said on Tuesday, “I’m sure many people don’t want independent government oversight, but we’re just for one party. We will not enact a law based on it. “

Mitchell and other county representatives have promised an investment of $ 1.25 billion, allowing companies that own at least 78 square miles (202 square kilometers) of land to apply to form an innovation zone. I disagree with the proposal supported by Governor Steve Sisorak.

On Tuesday, they formed Story County as one of the most suitable jurisdictions in the United States. They endorsed the proposal from Blockchains, a key supporter of the Innovation Zone proposal, which is also the county’s largest landowner, and revealed that it would develop part of the empty desert within the border. But they didn’t understand the company’s claim that it couldn’t do so without forming its own jurisdiction.

For almost a year, one of Nevada’s most connected companies, blockchain and lobbyists, has been advocating an innovation zone. The zone is governed by board members such as three county commissions. Two of them are initially nominated by the company. They operate outside the jurisdiction of existing local governments and may eventually create a court system, impose taxes and make zoning decisions.

The company’s proposal was hit by opposition from overly powerful tech companies, environmentalists and skeptics of local officials. Resistance has led Sisolak and legislative leaders to weigh their proposals for an investigation last spring. A parliamentary research committee will be convened for the second meeting on Tuesday and will need to submit a report on whether to continue to consider ideas by the end of the year.

Blockchain and its lobbyists argued on Tuesday that the company has the potential to transform itself into the Internet in the 21st century. The company says it wants to make Nevada a global leader in driving new applications for its technology. Although we haven’t introduced the product yet, blockchain is a digital ledger that can record almost any transaction and is best known for facilitating cryptocurrency transactions.

Local civil servants in Nevada’s third-population county, according to company representatives, did not have the expertise to oversee the plan and could not oversee it without modifying the system.

On Tuesday, Story County countered that claim by approving successful developments, including a battery plant in Tesla’s northern Nevada and a 1.3-million-square-foot (121,000-square-meter) data center owned by global technology company Switch. Pointed out the experience. They said they repeatedly told the blockchain that they had the ability and willingness to approve new developments and would not need a new process to do so.

Story County lobbyist Mary Walker repeatedly called the idea the “Burns Innovation Zone Act” on Tuesday, referring to blockchain CEO Jeff Burns. She refined the company’s claim that an innovation zone was needed to attract the investment needed to build a smart city, and told lawmakers that it wasn’t the government’s job to help businesses find investors. Told.

Walker also spoke to the company by comparing the proposal to the Reedy Creek Improvement District, which was set up to create Disney World. Disney told Florida legislators at some point that it was planning to build a city, but eventually abandoned the plan.

Virginia Justice Judge Eileen Herrington said she was worried about plans to create a court in a new zone because she didn’t think the public was confident in her ability to control the judiciary. Told.

“The final takeover of the zone may be acceptable in many aspects of a person’s life, but it is a completely different issue when it comes to managing justice, which is an essential part of a society of justice. Effective Legal proceedings not only protect suspects and defendants, but also give victims confidence that justice will take place, “she said.


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