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ENGLEWOOD — It’s not time to leave it to Russ Cook. But for the first time, I’m going to oppose the defense and look at the chef’s ingredients.

Broncos will start an important part of the off-season program on Monday. There, 11 out of 11 drills are allowed in the panoramic view of the media. Broncos can be practiced 10 times in a voluntary training that leads to a mandatory mini-camp from June 13th to 15th.

Then the pause button is pressed. Russell Wilson, who plans to recollect receivers before the training camp begins in the final week of July, is not.

Wilson supports the philosophy that doing small things well brings big things. That’s why he practices so seriously — he wears game pants every day — as he begins to carve out Chapter 2 of the heritage of the future Hall of Fame while trying to regain the glory of Broncos.

“Russell has had a great career, won many soccer games, won many playoff games and participated in the postseason, which Denver has been around for the past five or six years since Peyton Manning retired. “I haven’t done it.” ESPN’s Troy Akeman said, “He’s in great need. I’m hoping that Broncos will be significantly improved.”

Wilson makes Broncos relevant again, as evidenced by the five prime-time games.

However, the work is important. Working on the most important positions in American sports does not mean that Broncos is okay. They need to develop chemistry, remove wrinkles and see how the piece fits under the new coach Nathaniel Hackett and his innovative yet young staff.

According to sources, Hackett boasts more dynamic presentation skills than expected. That helped him get his first head job. His energy remains infectious. These practices this week represent another step in merging his fertile, aggressive mind with Wilson’s relentless ambition.

Go 11 to 11, 9 to 7, and 7 to 7 to get a glimpse of Broncos heading in the pass game.

What are some of the other questions that remain? I’m glad you asked:

— Do you see the exact path and perfect timing of your DNA? necessarily. However, the attacks that have won the share of the battle should begin to develop after six years of watching defense dominate the off-season and train camp practice. I can’t wait to see the defensive soundtrack Kareem Jackson fighting Wilson with the strength to make this team better.

There is no excuse for the recipient. In particular, it’s time for Courtland Sutton and Jerry Jeudy to reach that potential. There is no wasted day for a team trying to snap five years in a row to lose the season.

— How are personnel divided between tight ends? Is Albert Okwebnum the first leader? Or will he be pushed by rookie Greg Dulchitch?

-Aggressive lines won’t shake until the pad is turned on. This week, however, we’ll give you the opportunity to see how the internal battle takes place in the center — Lloyd Kuschenbury is my favorite, but Graham Glasgow is in the mix — Right Guard (Quinmeinerts vs. Glasgow). And right tackle (Billy Turner, Calvin Anderson, Tom Compton).

— The new defensive coordinator, Egiro Ebero, promises to increase pressure and takeout on quarterbacks. With Randy Gregory going off-season with shoulder surgery, Bradley Chub aims to get him healthy for the first time in a few months. Nick Bonit also gets a look for the veterinarian. He can go from a jump to a situational pass rusher.

— Rumors remain that Broncos will play more nickel and dimes than this season. Given the secondary strength, it makes sense. However, there are challenges to health. Broncos caused havoc on Patrick Surtain II because he needed Ronald Darby and K’Waun Williams in the field and the group lacked proven depth. Will they continue to be available?

— The special team has been tire fire for 6 years. The new boss, Dwayne Stukes, features a concrete fire that suggests he will hold the group accountable. Finding the right person for your unit begins this week.

Russell Wilson vs. Broncos defense highlights next stage of OTAs Source link Russell Wilson vs. Broncos defense highlights next stage of OTAs

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