Russia launches missile strike volleys on targets across Ukraine

Russia launched a barrage of missile strikes on Ukraine early on Saturday, intensifying hostilities the day after Ukrainian troops withdrew from the confused city of Severodonetsk.

In the fifth month of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the regional governor reported attacks on the military bases of the Lviv region in western Ukraine, Zhytomyr in the west of Kyiv, and Chernihiv in the northwest of the capital. ..

Authorities said some missiles were intercepted by anti-aircraft defense systems. Ukrainian and Russian military claims cannot be independently verified.

Early reports did not show a high number of casualties, but Mihairo Podriak, an adviser to the Volodymyr Zelensky administration in Ukraine, said civilian goals had been achieved.

Podriak said in a tweet: At night. Throughout Ukraine. ”

“Russia is still threatening Ukraine, causing panic and making people afraid of Z monsters,” he added, noting that he is using the letter Z as part of the Russian invading army. ..

The strike took place shortly before Ukrainian officials said most troops had withdrawn from Severodonetsk, the capital of eastern Luhansk, which was essentially destroyed by the onslaught of Russian artillery.

The Russian Defense Ministry said its troops had complete control of Severodonetsk and several villages around it after a brutal week of fighting.

The nearby Lysychans’k is the only major city in the Luhansk region that has not been occupied by Russia. Ukraine still dominates several major western cities in the nearby Donetsk Oblast, west of Lysychans’k.

Moscow has recently focused on occupying land in the coastal areas of the Far East and South, after failing to occupy Kyiv and other major northern cities in the early stages of the invasion. It currently controls 20 percent of Ukraine’s territory.

During the conflict, Russia has conducted missile strikes almost every day. According to Ukrainian authorities, more than 1,400 were fired in an attempt to stall the transport of heavy weapons from Kyiv’s western supporters to infrastructure and military installations.

Russia had previously launched surface-to-ground missiles from the Kremlin Alliance’s Belarus, and Ukrainian military sources say all Saturday strikes were launched from Belarus’ territory. This included 12 cruise missiles launched by Russian Tu-22M3 bombers from the airspace of Minsk. This is the first time, according to Kieu.

“All of today’s missile attacks took place overnight from Belarusian territory … both from the air and from land,” said Brigadier General Kirilo Budanov, Chief of the Ukrainian Defense Intelligence Staff.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said Moscow will supply Belarus with an Iskandar M tactical missile capable of carrying both conventional and nuclear ammunition.

Putin told Belarusian counterpart Alexander Lukaschenko that Russia will send missiles with a maximum range of 500 km “in the coming months.”

Lukaschenko asked Putin to equip Belarusian fighters with nuclear weapons. Nuclear weapons are needed “to protect the homeland from Brest to Vladivostok” from what he described as a threat from NATO. Putin declined, but he proposed to upgrade the fleet of Belarusian Soviet Su-25 fighters in Russia.

Belarusian influential people have recently abandoned geopolitical balancing and tossed his lottery with Putin to use Belarus for aerial and missile strikes during Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Early in the invasion, Belarus allowed Russian troops to advance from their territory towards Kieu, but did not send their troops to.

Mr Budanov said Moscow is “provoking us to attack Belarus again” in order for Belarus’ President Alexander Lukaschenko to “make an excuse” to join the Russian invasion.

Russia was also planning a terrorist attack in Belarus, Budanov said, blasting homes, schools and hospitals as a false flag operation accused of Kieu.

Lukaschenko “is trying to avoid this,” Budanov added, “he understands how this ends up for him.”

Russia launches missile strike volleys on targets across Ukraine

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