Russia warns that it will bomb British Navy vessels in its next provocation in the Black Sea

Video Source: YouTube, BBC News

By Guy Faulconbridge and Katya Golubkova

London, June 24 (Reuters)-Russia warned Britain on Thursday that it would bomb British naval vessels in the Black Sea if there were further provocative actions by the Royal Navy off Russia’s attached Crimea.

Russia says the warship is in the Kremlin’s territorial waters, but after defeating saying that Britain and most of the world belong to Ukraine, the British ambassador to Moscow for formal diplomatic rebuke Summoned.

Britain said Russia was giving an inaccurate explanation of the case. No warning shots were fired in the path of the Royal Navy destroyer Defender, and no bombs were dropped.

In Moscow, Russia summoned Ambassador Deborah Bronnert to rebuke Britain’s “dangerous” actions in the Black Sea. Meanwhile, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova has accused London of being a “real lie.”

“We can resort to common sense and demand respect for international law, and if that doesn’t work, we can bomb,” Sergei Ryabkov, deputy foreign minister, told Russian news agencies.

Ryabkov referred to the Moscow version of a Russian aircraft bombing the path of a British destroyer, saying that in the future the bomb would be sent “not only to that path, but also to the target.”

The Black Sea, which Russia uses to project its power in the Mediterranean, has been a flash point between Russia and its competitors Turkey, France, Great Britain and the United States for centuries.

Russia occupied and annexed the Crimean Peninsula from Ukraine in 2014 and considers its coastal areas to be Russia’s waters. Western nations consider Crimea to be part of Ukraine and reject Russia’s claim to the surrounding seas.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said British warships traveling from Ukraine’s port of Odessa to Georgia’s port of Batumi were acting in accordance with the law and were on the high seas.

“These are Ukrainian waters and it is perfectly correct to use them to move from A to B,” Johnson said. British Defense Minister Ben Wallace has accused Russian pilots of flying unsafe aircraft 500 feet above the warship.

“The Royal Navy will always support international law and will not accept illegal interference with innocent passage,” Wallace said.

Under international law of the sea, innocent passage allows vessels to pass through the territorial waters of other states unless they affect their safety.

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Britain challenged the Russian version of the case, and Foreign Minister Dominic Raab called it “as expected and inaccurate.”

During the 2008 war with Georgia, Russia was furious at US warships operating in the Black Sea, and in April the US canceled the deployment of two warships in the region.

The relationship between London and Moscow has been since a nerve agent poisoning developed by the Soviet Union known as Novichok, a former double agent Sergei Scripal, who betrayed hundreds of Russian agents in the UK’s MI6 foreign spy service. Was on the ice.

A British destroyer visited the port of Odessa in Ukraine this week. There, an agreement was signed with the United Kingdom to support the upgrade of the Ukrainian navy.

Russia said it had ventured two miles into the Russian waters near Cape Fiolent, a landmark on the south coast of the Crimea near the port of Sevastopol, the headquarters of the Russian Navy’s Black Sea Fleet.

The BBC in the UK has released footage from the ship, showing that the Russian Coast Guard has warned that the British ship will shoot if it does not change course.

“If I don’t change course, I’ll fire,” a strongly accented Russian voice told a British ship in English. The BBC said it was fired and as many as 20 Russian aircraft were “making noise” on British ships.

Britain said the shot was part of a Russian artillery exercise. Russia has released footage taken from a Russian SU-24 bomber flying near a British ship.

“These aircraft did not pose an imminent threat to the HMS Defender, but some of these maneuvers were neither safe nor professional,” said Wallace of the United Kingdom.

Reported by Guy Faulconbridge; edited by Kate Holton.


Source: Reuters, BBC news

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