Russian prison nominates opposition leader Alexei Navalny as terrorist

Russian prison authorities have labeled imprisoned Kremlin critics Alexei Navalny Extremists and terrorists, according to a Monday post on his Instagram account.

Navalny, now spent almost nine months Behind the Russian barWas previously considered a flight risk and was subject to regular checks, including night attacks by security guards. He said on Instagram that he was recently summoned before a committee that unanimously voted to change his status.

“Now there is a sign on the bunk bed that says I’m a terrorist,” Navalny said in a post published with the help of his lawyer.

He made fun of this announcement and said he welcomed the decision as his new position meant he would no longer be subject to rigorous checks.

“Alexei Navalny, born in 1976, confirms that he hasn’t escaped every two hours, so he puts the phrase” illegally detained on IK-2 territory “1669 times on a VCR. I counted as I said. “Post said. “And I’m terribly tired of it.”

“And with the extremist label, it’s bliss. No one checks me. I was worried that they would demand me to kiss Putin’s portrait and memorize Medvedev’s quote, This is not necessary either. “

The federal prison responsible for Navalny’s position did not immediately confirm the change.

Navalny, the country’s most prominent opposition leader, is currently sentenced to two and a half years in prison for embezzlement, accusing him and his allies of being forged by authorities to undermine his political ambitions. ..

He returned from Germany to Russia in January. Addiction attack he Blame President Vladimir Putin..He was Arrested immediately Upon landing, he was sentenced to imprisonment in February.

The Kremlin has repeatedly denied its involvement in deadly poisoning.

Russian officials have hit Navalny’s move during the summer by hitting extremist labels on his local office and Anti-Corruption Foundation. Some of Navalny’s closest allies fled the country, while others were imprisoned or under house arrest.

Russian prison nominates opposition leader Alexei Navalny as terrorist

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