“Russians know how to celebrate”: Daniil Medvedev promises to absorb the US Open victory | Daniil Medvedev

Daniil Medvedev said he would celebrate his groundbreaking Grand Slam victory “in the next few days” after Russia overcame the wobble on the verge of victory. Ruin Novak Djokovic’s dream Of the calendar slam in the US Open final.

Medvedev was about two hours ahead of what he considers to be the best tennis player ever, but when he ended the Serbs, Saab and his body began to weaken. He wobbled at the finish line, paused due to the turmoil from the crowd, and then double-faulted twice in a row at a 5-2 match point. Before Djokovic aimed for his third chance, he double-faulted again on his second chance two games later.

“I started cramping 5-3, I think it was because of the pressure at 5-2 when there was a match point,” Medvedev said. “I lost my leg at 5-3. At 5-4 on my left leg, I could hardly walk. Again, 40-15, that’s two match points. I said,” Come on, ace. Please go find it and try to make it. ” I made a big double mistake. Yes, there is one more. Try making a first serve. I’ve done it, and I’m really happy. “

Eventually, he overcame pressure and opponents, defeating Djokovic 6-4, 6-4, 6-4 to win his first Grand Slam title. Medvedev has lost in the last two major finals and Djokovic defeated him in a straight set at this year’s Australian Open.

On Sunday, he fell to court to celebrate what he later revealed. Imitation of Fifa video games But with that moment in mind, his first action in the trophy presentation was to apologize for ruining Djokovic’s dream and then declare him the best player ever. ..

Medvedev, the second man born in the 1990s, won the slum singles title following last year’s champion Dominic Thiem. Federer in New York 12 years ago.

“I feel sorry for Novak because I can’t imagine what Novak is feeling,” Medvedev said. “For confidence and future career, I lost to him in Australia, knowing that I had beaten someone who was 27-0 in a year in the Grand Slam. He wanted a huge history. And I knew I was able to stop him for sure. I’m sweetened and confident about what’s to come. “

The 25-year-old, who lost to Nadal in five sets in his first final in New York two years ago, planned to immerse himself completely at that moment, saying with a smile: Hopefully I won’t be in the news.If i [do], That would be a good way. But I’m definitely going to celebrate the next few days. “

Meanwhile, Djokovic finally summarized his feelings in one word. “Relief,” he said. “I’m glad it’s over.”

The No. 1 in the world aimed to be the first man to win the 21st Grand Slam title and the first man to complete a calendar Grand Slam for over 50 years. After showing a faint hope by pulling back to 5-4 in the third set, Djokovic sat in a chair and sobbed with heartfelt gratitude. After the game, Medvedev celebrated the victory.

At a later press conference, the Serbs explained why it made so much sense to him.
He said. “Of course, some of me are very sad. Given everything that was on the line, it’s hard to swallow this loss.

“But on the other hand, I felt something I have never felt in my life here in New York..The crowd made me [feel] Very special. I didn’t expect anything, but the amount of support, energy and love I got from the crowd was something I remember forever. That’s why I just tore the switch. The emotions and energy were very strong. It’s as powerful as winning 21 Grand Slams. They honestly touched my heart. “

“Russians know how to celebrate”: Daniil Medvedev promises to absorb the US Open victory | Daniil Medvedev

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