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Pokrovsk, Ukraine >> Russia’s seizure of the Mariupol ironworks, a symbol of Ukraine’s tenacity, has given Russian President Vladimir Putin the terrible victory he had hoped for in the war he began, siege for nearly three months. Suppressed the war. More than 20,000 inhabitants were afraid of death.

Concerns over Ukrainian defenders currently in Russian hands after the Russian Defense Ministry announced late Friday that its troops had removed the last Ukrainian fighter from miles of underground tunnels in the factory. It has risen.

Denis Pushilin, head of the eastern region of Ukraine dominated by Moscow-backed separatists, was considered a hero by their fellow citizens, and Ukrainians were brought to court for wartime action. I said on Saturday that I should face it.

“I believe that justice must be restored. There is a demand for this from the general public, society, and perhaps a healthy part of world society,” Russia’s national news agency Tas quotes as saying Psylin. bottom.

Russian officials and state media have sought to characterize the fighters trapped in the Azovstal ironworks as neo-Nazis and criminals. Among the more than 2,400 defenders of the factory were members of the Azov Battalion, whose far-right origin was seized by the Kremlin as part of an effort to throw an invasion in the fight against the Nazi influence in Ukraine.

The Ukrainian government has not commented on Russia’s allegations of capturing Azovstal. Azovstali has achieved Moscow’s long-standing goal of controlling a strategic port city, with Mariupol’s last remaining arrest of Ukraine’s resistance.

Ukrainian troops this week said fighters were trapped in factories, hundreds were injured, missions were completed and they could leave. It described their withdrawal as evacuation rather than mass surrender.

The end of the Mariupol battle suffered several devastating setbacks, including the failure of Putin to take over the Ukrainian capital Kyiv, the sinking of the Russian Navy’s flagship in the Black Sea, and continued resistance that stagnated the attack. Helps offset eastern Ukraine.

It also facilitates Russia’s quest to essentially create an overpass that extends from Russia through the Donbus region to the Crimean Peninsula. The Crimean Peninsula was annexed by Moscow from Ukraine in 2014.

The impact on the wider war was still unknown. Many Russian troops had already been relocated from Mariupol to other parts of the conflict. It began on February 24 when Russia invaded a neighboring country.

Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov reported on Saturday that Russia had destroyed a significant cash of Ukrainian special operations bases in the Black Sea region of Odesa and western-supplied weapons in the Zhytomyr region of northern Ukraine. bottom. There was no confirmation from the Ukrainian side.

In a report of operations that morning, Ukrainian staff reported fierce fighting in much of eastern Ukraine, including the areas of Severodonetsk, Bakumut and Avdiivka.

After failing to occupy Kieu, Russia concentrated its attacks on the industrial center of the eastern part of the country. Russian-backed separatists have dominated parts of the Donbus region since 2014, and Moscow wants to expand its territory.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said the counterattack against Russian territory would not begin, but emphasized that the Donbas region remains Ukrainian sovereignty.

At a joint media meeting with Portugal’s Prime Minister Antonio Costa, Zelensky said his army was fighting to “free up our territory” and the price of “tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of lives” was too high. Said that it could not be abandoned.

He requested the Western countries for a multiple launch rocket system. He said that “just stop” in other countries is the “key” to Ukraine’s success.

US President Joe Biden approved the injection of new $ 40 billion in aid to Ukraine on Saturday, half of which was military aid. Portugal also promised financial support of up to € 250 million and continued shipment of military equipment.

Mariupol, part of Donbus, is a horrifying example for people elsewhere in the country of hunger, horror, and death that could be faced if Russians were blocked early in the war and surrounded their communities. have become.

The seaside steelworks, which occupy about 11 square kilometers (4 square miles), have been a battlefield for weeks. A declining group of Ukrainian fighters worked hard with the help of AirDrop before their government ordered them to abandon their plants by catching Russian airstrikes, cannons and tanks. ..

Zelenskyy said in an interview released Friday that a Ukrainian helicopter pilot bravely confronted a Russian anti-aircraft fire, carried medicine, food and water to a steel mill, recovered the body and rescued an injured fighter. Clarified.

He said “very many” pilots died on the mission. “They were absolutely heroic people, they knew it was difficult, and they knew it was almost impossible to fly,” Zelensky said.

Russia claimed that the commander of the Azov Battalion was taken from the factory in an armored vehicle on suspicion of hatred by locals, but there was no evidence of antipathy against the Ukrainian regiment.

On Saturday, the Russian Defense Ministry released a video of Russian troops detaining Serhiy Volynskyy, commander of the Ukrainian Navy’s 36th Special Marine Brigade, one of the main forces defending the steelworks. The Associated Press was unable to independently verify the date, location, and status of the video.

As Russia controls the city, Ukrainian authorities may delay documenting evidence of Russia’s atrocities in Mariupol, including the bombing of maternity hospitals and theaters concealed by hundreds of civilians.

Satellite images in April showed what appeared to be a mass grave just outside Mariupol. Local officials have accused Russia of burying up to 9,000 civilians and concealing the slaughter.

Earlier this month, hundreds of civilians evacuated the factory during a humanitarian fire and talked about constant underground bombardment and fear of dampness.

An estimated 100,000 of the 450,000 people who lived there before the war remain. Many people involved in the Russian siege lost food, water and electricity.

Mariupol’s aide claimed that Russian troops had blocked all routes from the city and warned refugees not to retrieve their personal belongings.

“As of today, evacuation from the city will not be possible until another corridor opens,” Pedro Andrewsichenko wrote in Telegram.

The CEO of Metinvest, a multinational company that owns the Azovstal iron and another steelworks in Mariupol, spoke about the devastation of the city in an interview published Saturday in the Italian newspaper Colliere de la Serra. ..

“Russians are trying to clean it (city) to hide their crimes,” the newspaper quoted as Metinvest CEO Yuri Rizenkov said. “People are trying to make the city work in order to make the water services work again.”

“But the sewers have been damaged, floods have occurred, and infections are feared,” he said.

The Illich Steel and Ironworks still has some intact infrastructure, but when the Russians try to get it up and running, the Ukrainians will refuse to return to work there, Ryzhenkov said. ..

“We will never work under Russian occupation,” he said.

Russia’s claim of Mariupol’s capture fuels concern for POWs Source link Russia’s claim of Mariupol’s capture fuels concern for POWs

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