Rusted Shooting: Authorities say a single bullet was likely to cause injury and death after Alec Baldwin fired a gun on the set | US Crime

Officials confirmed on Wednesday that live bullets, including the murdered cinematographer Harina Hutchins and the injured director Joel Souza, were found on the movie’s last set after actor Alec Baldwin. Shot a gun As part of the proceedings – but no decision has yet been made on criminal accusations.

“We believe we own a firearm fired by Mr. Baldwin. This is the firearm we believe fired a bullet,” said Adan Mendoza, Sheriff of Santa Fe, on Wednesday. I said at a press conference.

Sheriffs said filmmakers were “satisfied” with the safety of the set and that the first investigation made the authorities believe.

His investigators added that they also believed they had recovered “used shell casings from bullets fired from guns.”

A single round apparently alive that injured and probably killed Souza Hutchins Mendoza said he was found on Souza’s shoulder after being treated for an injury at a local medical center. Last week’s tragedy Set in New Mexico.

Mendoza also said authorities had recovered about 600 pieces of evidence, including three firearms and about 500 rounds of ammunition, from the set in the western desert that was being filmed.

Two of the guns weren’t working. The third was given to Baldwin on the premise that it was safe, and although it was antique, it was a real .45 Colt style gun.

Sheriffs confirmed that possible additional live ammunition, including bullets believed by authorities to have killed Hutchins, would be submitted to the FBI Criminology Institute in Quantico, Virginia.

When asked by reporters, he refused to speculate on the consequences of one bullet apparently killing one and then injuring another.

Mendoza said more interviews needed to be conducted, including the possibility of additional interviews with those who participated in the Rust set. Baldwin, The sheriff explained that it was “cooperative”.

The actor is also a film producer and hasn’t been filmed and resumed since Hutchins died last Thursday afternoon.

Mendoza also confirmed that his office was investigating reports of informal incidents of targeted practice that took place in or near the previous set of incidents and rumors of crew members drinking the night before. ..

“I think the industry has a record of being safe these days. I think there was some complacency in this set. And how many need to be dealt with by the industry and perhaps by New Mexico. I think there is a safety issue, “said Mendoza.

He held a short press conference with Mary Carmack-Altwis, a lawyer in the Santa Fe district.

“All options are being considered … no one has been ruled out at this time,” said Carmack-Altwies, citing potential criminal accusations.

Last Thursday, a gun that accidentally fired ammunition while Baldwin was rehearsing a desert western scene was said by Rust director Joel Sousa. In a statement to the sheriff’s office..

Baldwin “cross-drawn” the revolver from the holster, and cinematographers Harina Hutchins and Sousa waited while checking the camera angle.

When the gun is firedHutchins, shot in the torso, was airlifted to the University of New Mexico Hospital, where she was sentenced to death. Soza was injured in the clavicle and was taken to a medical center by ambulance and released after treatment.

Baldwin pointing his gun With the camera, The crew told me that the gun was a “cold gun”. This means that the gun does not contain ammunition and can be used safely.

“I suspected it was a live round, but I fired from a weapon and was injured. That would make us believe it was a live round,” he said.

Carmack-Altwies said it could take weeks before a decision was made as to whether tragedy-related actions would justify criminal accusations.

Before Baldwin fired, the gun was also handled by first assistant director Dave Halls and armorer Hannah Gutierrez Reed.

Hutchins public rally Held in Los Angeles on Sunday outside the union of which she is a member, it served as an informal monument to the 42-year-old mother and filmmaker, and as an exit for frustration and anger. Hollywood low wages and poor working conditions Many crew members believe it is related to Hutchins’ death.

Following the shooting, the affidavit released Sunday about the incident provided more clues about possible dysfunctions in the Rust set. Just hours before the deadly shooting, some crew members went out and were dissatisfied with their salaries, working conditions, and safety concerns.

Halls Rust, It was the subject of internal complaints from previous movie sets. Maggie Gol, a prop maker and a qualified fireworks engineer, She said she expressed concern About Hall’s behavior in a set with the executive producer of Hulu’s Into the Dark TV series in 2019 was scary About their safety. He hasn’t commented yet.

“This situation isn’t about Dave Hall … it’s not the fault of one person,” Gol said, saying there was a bigger problem with the well-being of the crew to deal with. “It’s a bigger conversation about safety on the set and what we’re trying to achieve in that culture,” she added.

Further concerns were raised about the hall on Monday after the producer communicated with Associated Press Halls said he was fired from his previous job after a gun fired in a previous movie set, injuring crew members.

Rusted Shooting: Authorities say a single bullet was likely to cause injury and death after Alec Baldwin fired a gun on the set | US Crime

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