Ryan Gosling plays Ken in the “Barbie” movie with Margot Robbie

Ryan Gosling and Margot Robbie. Tasos Katopodis / UPI / Shutterstock; Chelsea Lauren / Shutterstock

Life in plastic, it’s great!Warner Bros. Pictures Greta Gerwig Found their perfect Barbie and Ken for the next movie based on the iconic Mattel doll.

Join Margot lobby As Barbie Ryan Gosling Final negotiations are underway to revive her picture-perfect boyfriend Ken. deadline Report.

The outlet will be open on Friday, October 22nd by a 40 year old person Note Star Initially he took over the role due to a busy schedule, but production delays allowed him to rethink with new availability.

The website pointed out that Gosling has not yet officially signed the project, Social media users are enthusiastic I’m thinking about what this movie might look like, and the seemingly perfect casting of Native Canadians.

“Well, here’s a live-action Barbie movie directed by Greta Gerwig. It was written by her and Noah Balmbach and starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling. Is this a real movie or is it? Is it the illusion of a crazy fantasy I have? ”A social media user tweeted on Friday.

Another wrote: Emma Stone, First protagonist Babylon And now, Ryan Gosling. “

The film is scheduled to begin filming in 2022 at the age of 31 from Australia. Fashionable doll And the director Little woman Writer.

Immediately after Garwig, 38, signed as director in July Birds of prey The star couldn’t help but blow away the film’s vision.

“Yes, it comes with a lot of luggage!” Robbie said. British epidemic For their August issue. “And there are a lot of nostalgic connections, but with it there are many exciting ways to attack them. Generally hear “Barbie” And when I thought, “I know what the movie will be like,” I heard Greta Gerwig writing and directing it, and he said, “Oh, well, maybe I don’t know.”

Almost a year ago, Robbie teased a photo — a photo that Gerwig wrote with her husband. Noah Baumberg — Not what you expected from a Barbie movie.

“And we like things that feel a little off center,” she said. Hollywood Reporter “The IP, the name itself, is like Barbie, where people immediately have the idea,” Oh, Margot is playing Barbie, I know what it is. ” The goal is to be like “whatever you are” Rethinking, we’re going to give you something completely different — what you didn’t know what you wanted. “

Adaptation has been working for quite some time, Robbie says variety In July 2019, she said, “This photo is a great opportunity to be active in the world.” Aspire for younger children.. “

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Ryan Gosling plays Ken in the “Barbie” movie with Margot Robbie

Source link Ryan Gosling plays Ken in the “Barbie” movie with Margot Robbie

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