Ryan Reynolds Get Shirtless in New “Free Guy” Video-Hollywood Life

Ryan Reynolds seems to be very crazy about the new clip of his next action comedy, Free Guy. Watch a strange video.

Ryan Reynolds Literally, it plays his greatest role.The 44-year-old actor appears strangely jacked in a new clip to promote his next comedy action movie. Free Guy, Released on August 13th. The movie follows a bank teller named Guy (Ryan) who discovered that he was the background character of a video game that was about to go offline.

The actor probably plays multiple roles in the movie, as the clip shows two Ryans: Guy and incredibly torn youBlond hair giant with abs, evoking a cross between Dwayne Johnson When Hulk.. Dude offers a confession after he blows the wind from Guy.

“I’m acting as a model? I don’t know. I know I’ve heard actors complaining about the difficulty of working out in a movie. I don’t have time to do that,” he said. Says. “I’ve been in the past week, and I have to tell you, it’s coming along.” Ryan, torn, is “totally organic” and “illegal” “human It starts every day with “made only by muscles” and “protein bombs”.

He can’t fit in him dead Pool The suit now, “Life is about growth,” he says in a clip.He then referred to his wife Blake lively “When I was this muscular, I was actually the father of our youngest daughter. The child was born fully grown and in shoes. This was strange to Blake. “

“Free Guy” Ryan Reynolds (20th Century Studios / Everett Collection)

NS Shawn Levy-Director movie also starring Jodie Comer, Taika Waititi, When Joe Keery..In an interview with Collider July, Ryan Of the movie The Truman Show Affects. “The fish bowl idea is an integral part of the film’s DNA,” he said. “”The Truman Show Is part of this movie ET When Back to the futureAnd I think the amblin-type entertainment that came out in the 80’s and 90’s, where all that wish came true, was something I was separated from and we don’t have much in the cinema. “

“Satisfaction of wishes is an important part of life,” he added. “Satisfaction of wishes is a huge part of our DNA and composition, so those elements were very important to me. The Truman Show It was a really distinctive movie. I thought it did a great job in that it was the next level and actually took the idea to another place. “

Ryan Reynolds Get Shirtless in New “Free Guy” Video-Hollywood Life

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