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S.C. renters, landlords brace for end of federal eviction moratorium – Valley Stream, New York

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Greenville, South Carolina (WSPA) – The Federal Peasant Eviction Moratorium is scheduled to end on July 31, and hundreds of South Carolina renters may feel the impact.

The Biden administration announced on Thursday that it would expire a nationwide ban on peasant evictions.

The ban was first enforced by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) last September to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Health professionals who are afraid of record unemployment will see an increase in homelessness and an increase in the prevalence of COVID-19.

However, in May, a federal judge invalidated the CDC’s eviction moratorium. This has stopped unpaid peasant evictions for the past 10 months.

According to the Eviction Lab, more than 3,000 expulsion applications have been filed in Greenville since March of this year.

A local organization said it was waiting with federal funding to provide rental assistance to its tenants.

“There are millions of dollars of resources available to help people in Greenville County affected by COVID-19. The Greenville Homeless Alliance educates all residents about the eviction process. In South Carolina, tenants only have 10 days to contact the court. Our emergency shelter is full. ” Green Building Homeless Alliance Said.

Home advocates said it wasn’t too late for tenants to apply for rent relief. Lorain Crown, Executive Director of United Housing Connections, encourages landlords to try to help as much as possible.

“Be patient and generous. And maybe go beyond the top with some support to these families outside the peasant farm. We are here to support, and we are the landlord. I would like to contact us. We can connect you, but don’t make eviction your kneeling reaction, “Crowl said.

If you are facing eviction Click here for a list of resources It can help provide a rent relief fund.

S.C. renters, landlords brace for end of federal eviction moratorium Source link S.C. renters, landlords brace for end of federal eviction moratorium

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