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Sacramento County (CBS13) —States and cities are rushing to plan distribution, even though it may take months for the vaccine to become widely available. As expectations for when the COVID-19 vaccine will arrive increase, Sacramento County knows exactly how they plan to distribute it.

“Initially, we want to vaccinate thousands of times a day,” said Dr. Peter Beelenson, director of health services at Sacramento County.

The preparation price tag is almost $ 3 million. The county stocks up on supplies, refrigeration, and outreach campaigns needed to store vaccines. Bielenson says $ 250,000 of these funds will pay for trucks and trailers to transport supplies to medical points at a dispensing site called MPOD.

“I want to see what happened in the past and make sure there are at least some ingredients in the syringe, refrigerator, etc. so that I can administer part of the vaccine,” he said.

So what is MPOD? The county says they are neighborhood pop-up clinics throughout the region, including sites like Sleep Train Arena and Cal Expo, and are designed to quickly distribute vaccines to large numbers of people.

“We work as if we had been tested for viruses and vaccinated against the flu,” he explained. “A big drive-through that allows people to get vaccines quickly,” explained Berenson.

In counties with a population of over 1 million, it is difficult to vaccinate everyone. Dr. Beelenson explains that one of the biggest hurdles is to get everyone vaccinated.

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“It’s absolutely important. We’re not going to get herd immunity by allowing anyone to get infected with the virus,” he explained.

The county works with community-based organizations to disseminate information. Dr. Dean Blumberg, an infectious disease expert at the University of California, Davis, says communication plays a major role in how the county’s plans are successful.

“If people lose confidence in the vaccine, or if people feel that the vaccine isn’t working, people won’t want to be vaccinated, and we’re at the current level of extreme social distance and masking. Measures need to be continued. The economy will continue to suffer. “

Their hope is that the sooner everyone is vaccinated, the sooner they can return to normal life.

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