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Sacramento, California 2020-10-17 01:55:13 –

SOUTH SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Some residents are at stake in a fierce campaign by the Sacramento City Council.

“It just burned. [The] Things just went. They set it on fire, “said Marilyn Goldwire.

Goldwire showed CBS13 burning in the front yard of the family. Someone has given signs of about half a dozen campaigns around South Sacramento.

“I was shocked that they came to my property and destroyed my property that way. As my daughter said, politics has nothing to do with people’s personal belongings. “Robert Bell said.

Those sung campaign signs were for Maivan. Someone sprinkled them with a light liquid and then lit them.

“It could have really set fire to our home, our lawn, our neighborhood, and it would have been devastating,” Goldwire said.

Van is a member of the Sacramento Unified Board of Education, whose term is approaching. She is currently running for the Sacramento City Council.

“It puts the family at risk, and I’m just urging anyone doing this to just quit. That’s not OK,” Vang said.

Van acknowledges that the signs of burning are a concern, especially in the midst of a very active and deadly fire season. But she hasn’t retreated to her push to City Hall. Homeowners haven’t retreated either. Some sent an email to Vang’s Campaign Manager asking them to add more signs to install instead.

“There are other ways to understand your claim, not the way,” Bell said.

“These tactics are really meant to intimidate and silence candidates, and there are no harmful political tactics that would abandon my values ​​and passion for fighting for this community,” Van said. I did.

Van’s opponent, Resimmons, says some of his signs have also been destroyed. He sent the following statement to CBS13:

“I understand the frustration because my campaign also destroyed the signs. Now I say what I said then: It’s wrong to destroy property, including the campaign sign.”

Sacramento police say they are aware of the damage to the signs of the campaign in South Sacramento. If people are caught, they can face vandalism or arson charges.

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