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Sacramento (CBS13) – Major road construction projects in the Sacramento region are driving neighbors out of town.

“You can see the water in the swaying glasses like Jurassic Park,” says Megan Beaver, who lives near Interstate 5.

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Instead of dinosaurs rocking the house, bulldozers crush the rocks in the middle of the night.

“We are worried about the damage to our house. We rattle the dresser. We got up at 1am and took a picture from the wall. It’s almost like falling off the wall,” she said.

And the noise coming from the construction awakens her family, even if there is a barrier between the construction of Beaver’s house and the I-5.

“It’s definitely not a noise barrier. You shouldn’t be able to see the car … the whole idea is to be on the noise and you can see the truck and everything passing by,” Beaver said. Told.

And there are no barriers to Highway50, where the Caltrans Fix50 project is underway.

“I understand the need for noise barriers,” said John Honore, who moved next to Highway 50 in November.

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Honore says no one told him about his future road construction potential. We asked if he had moved home if he knew about the project. What is his answer?

“You’re welcome. It’s totally different,” he said.

Caltrans says it is working on the construction of noise barriers along Highway 50.

“We are currently preparing a lot for noise barrier construction, and we are doing some foundation work,” says Da Prato.

Their priority is to repair the road as soon as possible.

“We are committed to the people of California to improve our infrastructure,” she said.

Interstate 5 is expected to be completed by 2023. Neighbors living next to highway 50 may have to put up with the noise until 2025.

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Despite the annoyance, the roads need to be repaired, says Caltrans. And now that traffic is declining due to a pandemic, it’s a better time than ever.

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