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SAF Tehnika has expanded the Spectrum Compact family. Ultra Portable Handheld Microwave Spectrum Analyzer With the introduction of models that support 6 GHz to 20 GHz. Offering best-in-class price / performance, the new Spectrum Compact offers affordable and durable, ideal for field engineers and technicians responsible for link planning, installation, site acceptance, maintenance, and troubleshooting of wireless networks. It will be a great tool. ..

The 6-20 GHz spectrum analyzer features a high sensitivity of -110 dBm with a resolution bandwidth of 30 kHz, a long battery life of up to 4 hours, and instant-on capabilities for quick startup and operation. All this high performance is designed in a rugged, ultra-compact form factor weighing just 135 x 83 x 34 (mm) /5.31 x 3.27 x 1.34 (inch) and weighing 0.57 kg / 20.11.1 oz. It is ideal for mobile operators, telecommunications professionals, Internet Service Providers (ISPs), and contractors responsible for regulation and compliance, drone applications, and satellite operations.

Every aspect of the Spectrum Compact family is designed to address the challenges of field applications. Like all Spectrum Compact models, the 6 GHz to 20 GHz handheld spectrum analyzer has a resistive touch screen for glove operation and a high contrast and full display mode that is easy to read in bright light environments. .. Durable thumbscrews for connecting waveguide adapters help Spectrum Compact withstand harsh environments. Spectrum traces can be stored in integrated 8GB of memory for offline analysis, research, and reporting using the Spectrum Manager PC software.

Equipment from 6 GHz to 20 GHz extends the frequency range of the Spectrum Compact family. The series includes the world’s only portable E-band (70-87 GHz) and V-band (56-71 GHz) handheld spectrum analyzers.

Spectrum Compact devices are mobile operators, carriers, tower installation crews, wireless Internet service providers (WISPs), local governments, public security departments, and critical network infrastructure deploying 5G networks. Great for owners of. Field engineers and technicians can use ultra-portable handheld microwave spectrum analyzers to perform site surveys, radio parameter verification, antenna alignment, interference detection, line-of-sight verification, signal strength mapping, and interference hunting.

SAFTehnika Free virtual demo Spectrum Compact for display

About SAFTehnika

SAF Tehnika JSC Is a designer and manufacturer of RF data transmission equipment globally located in more than 130 countries. SAF designs and manufactures the highest quality microwave radios, a range of the world’s smallest microwave spectrum analyzers, Spectrum Compact, and wireless environmental monitoring solutions under the brand name Aranet. Our shares are listed on the NASDAQ Riga Stock Exchange (SAF1R). Headquarters and manufacturing are located in Riga, Latvia.

Our business in North America is managed by our subsidiary SAF North America. Denver, Colorado has offices, a sales and support team, and a warehouse.

SAF Tehnika has expanded its Spectrum Compact family of ultra-portable handheld microwave spectrum analyzers
Source link SAF Tehnika has expanded its Spectrum Compact family of ultra-portable handheld microwave spectrum analyzers

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