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SafeNest shelters full as domestic violence spikes – Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada 2021-10-20 08:40:27 –

Las Vegas (KTNV) —October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, claiming that the problem is much worse than it was before the pandemic.

SafeNest CEO Liz Ortenburger said domestic violence surged when Nevada was ordered to stay home for a pandemic. A year later, now that Las Vegas has reopened, she says the problem hasn’t improved.

“We have experienced different peaks and valleys of different call volumes in relation to what is happening within the community. Overall, what we have seen is the overall call volume, of the shelter. Requests and service demands continue to be 20% higher than they were before the pandemic, “Ortenburger said.

Ortenburger says that things like pandemic stress and financial problems are the fuel of fire for those who are vulnerable to violence.

SafeNest makes very high level calls and there is not enough space for everyone in the shelter.

“We have been at our best on the main campus, but have expanded to hotel rooms and apartments to meet our needs. It really changed the course of what we need to offer as an agency. I did. “

Ortenburger says that with limited resources, people can only be taken to their shelters if their lives are at stake.

To serve more people and fill the current service gap, SafeNest wants to build a $ 40 million facility. It will have 90 rooms, over 300 beds, and complete wraparound service for all victims of domestic violence, sexual violence and sexual trafficking.

Nonprofits are calling for financial assistance from state and local leaders.

If you are a victim of violence at home, or if you suspect that someone in your family may be responsible for the violence, call the 24-hour SafeNest hotline (702-646-4981). can. Help trained advocates answer, listen, and find the resources they need.

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