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A city that promises a microshelter in West Salem

Homeless camp at Salem’s Cascade Gateway Park in April 2021 (Credit: Cory Poole)

Salem, Oregon (KOIN) — The city of Salem said it has embarked on a promised solution for unmanaged homeless camps in two city parks that got out of hand during a pandemic. However, officials said they were facing resistance from the population.

Salem is taking another urgent approach to the homeless crisis. They promise another microshelter community like the other two already active in North Salem.

But West Salem residents say there was no communication before the city recently announced their latest proposal — a lot along Wallace Road next to where they live.

“There are so many unanswered questions that appear at these meetings and are just biased, biased, biased,” resident Melinda Azul told KOIN6 News.

“We apologize to those who need to speak, we didn’t have the opportunity to speak,” said Gretchen Bennett, homeless liaison officer in Salem.

Salem dashboard as of August 2021. UGM runs in half capacity with the COVID protocol

Bennett admitted that he was following the learning curve in an attempt to balance homeless demand with community concerns. She said the place was the only unused city-owned property.

in the meantime, Union Gospel Mission Spokesman Arena Harvey said nearly 80 men are currently receiving addiction recovery services and shelters at their newly opened location. However, the 300 night shelter is limited to half the capacity due to the COVID protocol.

“Some people are trying to get rid of the addiction, others are from the camp,” Harvey said. “I’m a little worried about the quality of the shelter this year. I’m grateful that the city has invested resources to do more.”

Homeless advocate Jimmy Jones explained that money is the biggest problem at the moment. There are $ 25 million in reserves where Salem needs to get out of the winter weather to make up for the sharp budget cuts during the legislative session.

Some progress has been made in Salem, but homeless advocates said there was a lot to do.

Changes have been proposed to the Salem revision code to define the position of the shelter strategy within the land use process submitted to the city council in November and December.

Salem makes progress on homeless issues, but more to be done Source link Salem makes progress on homeless issues, but more to be done

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